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Sean Paul latest features > Sean Paul latest album. Why?

Can we all just rejoice at this fact please? I say fact cos it isn't mere opinion. Also, I'd like to say it's an achievement in itself that he's still popular after 10 years since bursting into the mainstream that wonderful 2003. 10 years ago he was nominated for best newcomer at the Grammy's alongside Heather Headley (last I heard she was in theatre), Fountains of Wayne (WHO?), 50 Cent (who cares anymore? recently split from label), and winners Evanescence (where are they now?). So big him up for that. 1st Jamaican-born, third reggae(ish) (Musical Youth and Ace of Base before (do they count?) Maybe fourth if you count Culture Club too. They won it in 1984.) Hoowwwwever, if you were thinking about buying Full Frequency - in short, do so at your own risk! Maybe I shouldn't say that. Let me rephrase: please don't listen to it if you have a high respect for Sean Paul's music + good taste because it will taint your opinion of him and his music. And I'd

Kabaka Pyramid - "Never Gonna Be A Slave" [Music Video]

We (I) posted the audio on here a couple days after it dropped, today I post the video. Quite simply the music the world is missing. True rebel music. I'm telling you, there;s no movement like the reggae revival movement right now. Large up Kabaka Pyramid in every aspect. I mean, how can you hate this sentiment? That's right. You can't. Video's shot really well too. Witnessed him perform it live at Hootananny in Brixton surrounded by Rastafarians and reggae lovers alike who respect the same livity and viewpoint. Pree an accurate review here . Definitely something everybody should experience. Hear how the music touches people. If you like the mood of the above, my thoughts on the Reggae Revival movement and some recommendations on more  here

Some more tunes I'm feeling atm

I kinda got a bit annoyed with the length of the previous post so here's a part deux of my favourite songs at the moment. The last had commercial house and d&b, afrobeats and a helluva lot of bashment. First up "German Whip" by Meridian Dan featuring JME and Big H This song is awesome. This has top 20 written all over it. Meshes US trap sounds with British drums and London accents. Sounds so refreshing. Dan shows it doesn't matter if you weren't the most talked about MC previously, a big tune changes everything. Club tunes are much easier to convince radio. As I've said for the past 2-3 years. Out tomorrow. Get on iTunes and buy the tune. We need it. Moelogo (ft. Giggs) - "The Baddest" Bayoz Muzik laced Moelogo something Giggs should've or would've had circa Let Em Ave It. That undeniable club flavour which made Giggs incredibly popular beyond UK rap fans. Them beats which merge a few influences, but ultimately BANG! Thankfull

Sean Paul &. Timaya - "Bum Bum (remix)" Music Video

I've already gone on about how much I love the original when I posted the remix with Machel Montano . Well anyway, Sean Paul has gone and jumped on the riddim and cut a hot video in (what looks like) Miami with nuff bum bum. Not gonna lie, Machel's version is better, but hey, Sean garners more interest and he got the vid so he'll win. Woulda been so much more bless with all three on there though. That woulda been phenomenal in fact. Something that's undeniable is Sean Paul is making more interesting music now than he has for the last about 4-6 years. "Front & Back", this and Fuse ODG "Dangerous Love" (I'm saving my post on that until the video drops or the week of release. Most important record post incoming). And I'm sure he's fulfilled his label commitments so something tells me it's due to that. I'm putting 2+2 and definitely getting 4. Viva afrobeats x bashment Sourced from yah'so .

Chronixx Dread & Terrible EU Tour vlog pt 1

Chronixx, Kelissa and Dre Island touched down in Holland last week on the Dread & Terrible tour. Check out the on and beyond the stage footage out below. Love seeing Rasta youth a live like star inna foreign. Grab the Dread & Terrible EP  here And pree the video for "Rastaman Wheel Out" from the project. Some ska vibes fi di I dem. I love the way Rasta's speak

Vybz Kartel's last performance in Tobago 2011 [video] (#ThrowbackThursday)

Vybz Kartel, arguably the most complete dancehall artist ever, has been sentenced to 35 years for murder. Well, Adidja Palmer was. Sadly, he's taken Vybz Kartel with him (unless they let him record in jail (which I doubt as he's high profile)). There's nothing I can do about that. As stated before, I'll still listen to his music and big up the talent said way. The evidence was a bit mad, but what needed to be solid was solid. Still, big up Vybz Kartel. Gully mi seh straight, but Vybz Kartel is the best. Him and Buju are the two most well-rounded artists and both behind bars. Anyway, watch the performance below from Tobago. Bere in mind this is incomplete and mainly tunes within a 3-year period of his 12 year career. This doesn't even capture all of his hits in that period. I've learnt so much about music from Kartel. So much.