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The year that was 2010

So here we are, last day of the year 2010. First off twenty-eleven sounds butters, nor is it aesthetically pleasing. I don't really do reviews. Previews di ting deh (I prefer writing previews/predictions) 'cos "mi nuh look back, straight front or forward me say", but I thought it's only right. So I'll start with fact that I went from nothing to something this year. Started off writing for nobody to, &, on the Bloggers Delight fam and my own blog has been a trendsetter in a few ways. My MeViews and TweeteReviews (formerly TweetView - changed it for Google purposes) have taken off in particular Damian Marley and Nas concert, MOBO Awards 2010 and XFactor ones have received nuff attention. Out of my many random ramblings, I got quoted on BBC website and received emails from people at 1Xtra congratulating me on my blog and recommendations. I don't really brag about controversy, that's so

Marvin Sparks speaks to Vybz Kartel fans special

Well, if you've been following either myslef or Kartel on Twitter you would have seen the tweet (copied from Kartel's twitter) @iamthekartel: "#AWOAH RT @MarvinSparks @iamthekartel bless up king. People talking about your interview already. Wait til the rest drops. Oh!" [source] Tweet was after I read discussions about our interview on various dancehall forums. This is the rest... Hear him speak on: Why he hasn't fired a diss back in response to Aidonia's diss records ( Nuh Par Wid and Nuh Tek Chat ) and why there's a problem between them What he thinks of Busy Signal and whether they'll ever work together If we'll hear Vybz Kartel work with producer Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor (build the riddims for Come Breed Me , Bicycle / Mr Officer and many more) and what their problem is Does he have any hate for Bounty Killer His only regret as a dancehall artist Plans to exploit controversy of cake soap and why he uses it And some other st

UK video update

So finally, the long-awaited video finally dropped. Chris Brown featuring UK MC/rapper Chipmunk (I think they made a typo on the title, I'm sure it's Chris Brown's song) 'Champion' Chris Brown delivered an emotive verse there, really held the camera well, and Chipmunk held it down well. Haven't really heard him do too many feature verses in the past apart from Ironik's Elton John song 'Tiny Dancer' and remixes (Tinchy's Take Me Back and couple others). I take it this from Chris Brown's new album? The one with that Yeah 3x (remember that tune? I nearly forgot myself). But onna real, well done to Chipmunk getting Chris Brown on a track. Tune's a grower still, powerful but I know Chipmunk's delivery could have been better. Sounds lacklustre next to Chris Brown's. The video is stunning visually... I'm sure there's room in the video for a story but it doesn't matter too much. Oh and remember I blogged that I tweeted

TotD, TToftD, QotD

All those acronyms in the title are in this post. Wiz Khalifa 'Black and Yellow' Been meaning to post this from a while back, but didn't. Tuuuune This YouTube comments a bit harsh though: "Black and Yellow are the worst colors to represent the worst city in the US....but this song sure is catchy" Black and Yellow is about Pittsburgh, PA Hold tight G-Dep You should know about former Bad Boy record rapper G-Dep admitted to murder. Puff spoke on him yesterday in an interview with Elliott Wilson on Shade 45 (listen to part 4). That's some real stuff Puff spoke right there. I've always said people judge Puffy differently to others. Everyone people ask "Oh what happened to..." he made them. Total and 112 weren't good singers. Mary J wasn't the singer she is today either. Sometimes artists have talent but they don't work for whatever reason. Puffy made Jodeci, Mary J, 112, Ma$e, brought us The LOX, produced Jay-Z's real comeb

On My Mind

Real Badman Never Afraid: Urban Cookie Collective 'The Key, The Secret' This song came to mind whilst editing some audio last night. Throwback Tune of the Day: 50 Cent 'Wanksta' I still remember the summer this dropped. Maaaan, no other artist had the same impact as 50. I was hooked on freestyles before this dropped but this sealed the deal. Also, I laugh at those who are surprised 50 Cent is witty on Twitter. Guess they never heard the beat jacks where he took the piss with original songs. His bars were gangsta with a witty edge. Vybz Kartel big rass forward in Suriname Suriname is in South America,, borders Brazil. This is Vybz Kartel in Suriname. Listen to the crowd. Don't forget to check my interview with Vybz Kartel here Next concert footage, I-Octane's Different Page concert. Nuff hype. Skip to 1:35 Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg 'Kush' (no Akon) This is such a p-take, how they gonna take out Akon then upload and it still sounds like

Things to do this Xmas Holiday

One of the hottest unsigned bands in the UK The Thirst are back with their Live club night ‘Plan A –The Christmas Special’ @ Plan B (Brixton) on Thursday 23rd December The Thirst have been praised with creating a new sound and scene which they call ‘Electric Groove’, a mix of Urban and Rock elements. The Thirst again have called on some of the hottest live talent. Performing on the night will be Random Impulse, G-Frsh, The illersapiens and XO Man. And next Wednesday: Hot Wuk >> London's madddest bashment party - Wednesday 29th December 2010 - East Village, Shoreditch - 9.30pm-2.30am - £5 adv / £7 on the door - DJs: The Heatwave / Sticky / Motive London's maddest bashment party + the festive season = 100% Christmas bashment madness Come join the Heatwave family and work off the turkey with the original dancehall workout! Get tickets from Photos from our last party >>

Vybz Kartel part again for MTV TWU

The second part of the Clarks trilogy is called 'Clarks Again' for a reason, doah? Awoah! Well in case you missed first part, the link is right here . We warmed up with the first part, speaking about the success of Clarks, insight into both his unique style when he broke onto the scene and the creation of Major Lazer 'Pon Di Floor', little background to the members of the ever-changing roster over at Portmore Empire, and he explained his work-ethic In this part we went a bit deeper. As I said, the first part was a warm up. In this we spoke in-depth about the controversy surrounding last year's Ramping Shop. The lawsuit, resulting censorship on radio and why he went on the riddim in the first place. Makes some valid points. Also why he makes raw uncensored tunes even though he has to make a version suitable for radio. For the real dancehall fans we spoke about reinvention and the now controversial Dancehall Hero . Let's be honest, Mavado kind've stole Kart

Back on it again

So I took a week break from blogging. It wasn't anything like a sabbatical or anything along the lines of some deep spiritual "finding myself". What started out as let me let the blog breathe actually turned involutary. I didn't really find the time to get to blog. But I'm back up in this BLOG! Flashback Tune of the Day: Tyrese 'Sweet Lady' What started out as hearing something on the telly that sounded similar to 'Signs of Love Making' took me on a slight journey in my mind. I think Jamie Foxx makes the type of song Tyrese did. Both were better known for something previous to singing (Tyrese = model/actor, Jamie = comedian/actor). Strange coincidence don't you think? Well that's if you agree they share a similar style Anyway, I ended up on Sweet Lady. Remember Tyrese as the dude from the Coke advert on the bus? Did you know Johnta Austin wrote this at 16? Yeah, a 16 year-old wrote this tune you fiddled to. Feel slight paedo? Nah, me ne

Vybz Kartel interview for MTV Wrap Up

Huh? Whut? Yes, Vybz Kartel Vybz Kartel (@iamthekartel) drop for @MarvinSparks interview @MTVwrapup by MiNameMarvinSparks If you know how much I love dancehall, you can kinda guess how excited I was to do this and bring it to you. If you know how respected your work and avenue have to be + small amount of interviews Kartel (that's the abbreviation, not Vybz) does, you'll understand how special this interview is. I think this is his first ever UK interview (outside of DJ's Robbo Ranx and possibly Young Lion at 1Xtra). His PR said it's the first too, but I couldn't prove beyond reasonable doubt that the now defunct New Nation didn't interview him. Anyone else that did one didn't register on Google. Soz xxx. (So yeah, if you wanna cover dancehall and reggae interviews, holla at me for the BEST/unreachable reggae and dancehall artists: ) Vybz Kartel has been one of my favourite deejay's long before the Gully-Gaza feud

Rihanna on XFactor - TweeteReview

Catch TweeteReview of the Final here For other TweetView episodes click here KEY: RT aka ReTweet = Repeating someone else's tweet for everyone of your own followers to see @[insert name] = Twitter username.[name after @ sign] For example: @MarvinSparks = Follow everyone who wrote tweets you like. If you'd like your tweet removed ask and I'll think about it Last but not least Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant (To be honest, that disclaimer doesn't apply here. I condone nearly EVERYTHING posted!) Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say Rihanna performed with Matt on (se)XFactor (X Factor/X-Factor) Final part 1 tonight, but it wasn't anywhere near as interesting as her solo performance of 'What's My Name' (thanks to ThatGrapeJuice ) @DJTarget DJ Targ

XFactor TweetView Final - part 1

For other TweetView episodes click here KEY: RT aka ReTweet = Repeating someone else's tweet for everyone of your own followers to see @[insert name] = Twitter username.[name after @ sign] For example: @MarvinSparks = Follow everyone who wrote tweets you like. If you'd like your tweet removed ask and I'll think about it Last but not least Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say @Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson My BM is gonna win #xfactor tonight. Gwan Rebecca... @madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News No judges vote Dermot? Are you sure about that? Lol @JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard Why are this singing/miming in fast forward?!? @craiiggcraiigg Craiigg What the heck is waisell doing on my tv?!? Who needs a #Backhand @alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB Wagner! Bo!! @m

Thoughts on Thursday

RIP Garnett Silk 16 years today that reggae singer Garnett Silk died saving his mother from a fire in their house. In tribute to him I think it's only right to play this song, Mama. So touching when you think of what happened. And my favourite Garnett tune, Fill Us Up With Your Mercy Put it where you want it (RĂ©mi GAILLARD) This is amazing. Man + football + drinking can + various obstacles. Some of this is ridiculous. He hits a normal can with the football from some crazy distances, sometimes from behind a wall. Apparently it took a year to make. That isn't a bad thing though. I'd still be there or I'd quit. Pow goes Welsh This is funny! Dunno why they called it a hood video. Surely you need a hood to be a hood video?

Why is it Wednesday

Wednesday is a crap way to spell Wensday innit? My first school teacher pronounced it "Ved-nez-deh". She's from Asian background (India, Pakistan or Bangladesh), but I think she was on to something with that pronunciation. RIP John Lennon John Lennon died 30 years ago today 'Imagine' - still relevant today And this tune is a banger! 'Working Class Hero; There will be another tribute tomorrow. 16 years. Reach back tomorrow to find out who. Artful Dodger featuring Ed Sheeran 'Could Just Be The Bassline' Ed Sheeran on a 2step vintage sounding Artful Dodger beat. Match made in heaven. Catchy song, nice vibe, and any excuse to hear Ed Sheeran is a plus no? Artful Dodger (Mark Hill) is an absolute legend yeah. He follows me on Twitter and recommended me for Follow Friday. Me you know. That gassed me Anyway, enough about me, press play and hold a groovy Could Just Be The Bassline by artfulmark Check out more of his new stuff here So