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XFactor TweetView

@THISISMAXONLINE MAX X Factor crew where u at? u ready.... @MISSLALAREPORT MISS LALA Let the best X Factor disses begin. On ur marks gets set GO! @FUNKYDEE1 FUNKYDEE X factor is on is it grime nite? @MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks So is this week actually Grime Week on XFactor then? If so, there goes my hopes for Cher Lloyd Miss Independent x Ramping Shop then @thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice X Factor time!!!! U ready? #xfactor @FUNKYDEE1 FUNKYDEE Money on it Wagner does thrilllerr Mary performance @BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell Seriously? With the devil horns? *throws papers in air* I can't already #xfactor @MzFr3Butterfly Afryea Ama The devil horns #utterfail!!! #XFactor @RajKathwadia Rajveer Kathwadia Mary looks like the evil one out of The Little Mermaid #TheXFactor Ps. That sing was shit. @missjaylouise Janay Louise Urscula deh pon di stage...sorry Mary but this tune nuh mek it at all, at all, at all! @KevinJComedian Kevin J


TFIF = Thank Father it's Friday Katy B back on funky Katy B returns to the sound that made her popular to most of us in the first place. I know she does soul with the Illersapiens (I think that's their name anyway). Tune's alright, but I prefer hearing her on Dubstep-sounding stuff British granny marries Gambian waiter 35 years her junior And she's surprised all he wanted was her Visa (you thought I was about to say something else innit? You twisted people). I mean just look at the happy couple Read the rest here He definitely matched up to the tall and dark description woman go gaga for. Definitely a Bad Romance this one. Old biddy fell for the oldest trick in the book. Sorry dear, can't say I feel sorry for you to be honest. Demba (even the name sounds scary), you opportunist you. Didn't play your cards right though, did ya? (No Bruce Forsyth) Did you name your baby Oliver or Olivia? These are the most popular names for newborns in Britain (so

Dun know the Thursday

Yeah, blaad, Thursday. One day away 'til the weekend. If you haven't already checked it, there's a competition to go see Joe at Sound in Lee-i-chester Square as my Jamerican (Jamaican-American) friend calls it. "Why y'all spelling so hard to read yo? Don't you know about phonetic" she said. To be fair, she has a point. Love her man, shout her out. Anyway, it's a simple question. For more info go this way . Back to today's thoughts Throwback Tune of the Day: Xscape - 'My Little Secret' Slow jam inna dem neckback! This song came to mind through a conversation. Jermaine Dupri has to be one of the most underrated producers in recent history nah? I think it's actually a young Brian-Michael Cox on the buttons for this one. Same vein as another popular song around that time. Just thinking without Kandi, would Beyoncé have been female-empowerment, independent woman Beyoncé? I've never listened to Destiny's Child's debut album

Win Tickets to see RnB legend Joe perform live!

This event is guaranteed to be a roadblock. *cough Nuff gyal!* Win 2 Tickets to see US RnB legend Joe @ Sunday Show in Sound, Leicester Square on Sunday 31st October 2010 answer this simple question: I love reggae/dancehall, so finish the name of this song which featured a dancehall-ish artist. 'I'm In [blankety blank]'? A. Muff B. Luv C. Blud Email answer to and the winner will be selected at random on Saturday. T&C's * Tickets will be reserved on the door. * The winner will be chosen on Saturday 30th October 2010 at midday * Tickets must be collected before 8pm on 31st October 2010 from the venue * For more information on the event please email the promoter on Further info: Remember "You have to be in it to win it" & "Nothing ventured nothing gained". Don't be the o

Weddy Wednesday

Hmmm... think I'm running out of catchy titles. Hopefully today is a one-off Lil McKell got game This 12 year old is jokes. Can't even remember if my game was as good at 12. Tinchy + Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example and Chipmunk 'Game Over' Who you reckon goes the 'ardis on this? I'm undecided. Is it me or is Chipmunk slyly telling everyone on the track he's better than them? I know that's just what rappers do these day but his sounds a bit more "I'm the best on this track" Chris Brown needs to boot the boots 1st of 3 pics jacked from ThatGrapeJuice , wha gwaan for Chris Brown's boots? He needs to show them the deuces - badum tshh Damn Ciara 2/3 from ThatGrapeJuice . No words to say about this Rihanna, marry me? Please? With a cherry on top? 3/3 from ThatGrapeJuice . Even less about this. Actually I lied. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan she's such a babe! Jami

Tuesday's Thoughts

This was meant to be yesterday's post but for obvious reasons (death of legend Gregory Isaacs) I didn't post it. RIP Gregry (no typo / Jamaicans will understand we don't pronounce the o in GregOry... fi wha'?) Tune of the Day : Gregory Isaacs 'What a Feeling' Another Sly & Robbie produced hit. Greatest duo in music history? Quite possibly. Yes, this plus Tune In and Soon Forward from yesterday are all Gregry and Sly & Robbie songs. 12 year-old Lil McKell sprats Shanni Cuppcake This is jokes! Yout' is mackin'. The end could have been better though. Please say he has one with Sadie Ama. Regular readers will know why. p.s. I'm bringing "sprattin'" back. Sprattin = to court a lady. You know we "speak in slang like this" NBA Jam is back! Epic game as a yout'! If you never experienced it on the SNES or arcade, your life is incomplete. Doubt this will live up to it to be honest. The commentary w

RIP Gregory Isaacs The Cool Ruler

Gregory Isaacs dies Gregory Isaacs: 1951-2010 Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs has died after a battle with cancer. Isaacs, who was 59 years old, died on Monday morning at his home in London where he spent part of his time. He leaves behind a wife and children. Close friends told BBC Caribbean that he had originally been diagnosed with cancer of the liver which had then spread. The Jamaican reggae singer, who was nicknamed the Cool Ruler, was best known for the song 'Night Nurse'. Source Was gonna do a thoughts for the day but nothing else can even level with this news. As a Jamaican, Gregory Isaacs is up there with Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, John Holt and Alton Ellis as an artist your parents have at least 4 dusty vinyls of. Although he didn't release many records over the past decade, he remained very active through touring. One of the best voices in reggae history. My grandma's favourite artist. She'd go to the record shop and ask for any new "Gregry&q

FlashBack Friday: Channel U part 1

Haven't done a FlashBack Friday (click for previous episodes) in a while still. I'm generally in a good vibe on a Friday, "have you got that Friday feeling?" And to help boost my mood, I love reminiscing about old days so what better way then dedicating posts every now and again? This past week we had the MOBO Awards (you HAVE to read this MOBO review post) which for the past couple of years has been in a position to celebrate UK talent. Who remembers the days (before YouTube) when UK rappers had an American accent, we rarely saw UK urban videos on TV and the only ones we did see were of a good standard? Yes, I'm talking those grim days before the groundbreaking Channel U! Video quality ranged from man dem on the block in ends with dogs wearing A9 tracksuits filmed on alright cameras to man dem on the block in ends with dogs wearing A9 tracksuits filmed on what could pass as CCTV images. Channel U brought all kinds of catchy, gritty and shitty UK tracks into our

That Friday Feelin

Well it's Friday and I'm going to attempt at doing a thoughts of the day plus a FlashBack Friday. If I'm honest, thoughts of the day can suffer today because it's an everyday thing and I LOVE doing FlashBack Friday's! Pound Sterling the Hussalla kicks nahlijjj This man has his name stamped as a Channel U star. Remember his first video? Anyway, I think I've just changed my mind on the subject to post for FlashBack Friday. See, just like that I get inspiration. Back on track, interviews alright still but he drops a gem when talking about fake rappers spending too much time talking to cameras on Grime Daily (whilst on Grime Daily) instead of "doing this thing". Quote of the Day: "When I was really, really doin' dis ting I didn't see Match of the Day for 7 years! And then I clocked, 'Rah, it's been 7 years I aint seen Match of the Day'." RockCorps give a little love Saw this on Mad News a while back but

Back to life

Yesterday was MOBO day over here at Marvin Sparks dot blog spot dot com. Today we resume normal posting. To read the MeView x TweetView (Mine + Twitter reaction) click here . Hilarious post. My timeline was jokes. That's the cyber world. In real life I interviewed one of my idols but that's to land here in the near future. Throwback Tune of the Day : NorthStar 'On a Rise' This tune was ahead of its time. Now road rap is doing a lot, this would fit in nicely. I feel it's criminally underrated (get it, criminally underrated? What they are talking about in the song obviously...). Spray goes in on the first verse with real emotive rhymes, Chyna's goes hard with the vocals, Para was on fire them times and the video was good too. Para needs to make a comeback. Sorry? Pardon? I'mma set the scene, they're on the set, behind the scenes of a movie that obviously hasn't finished and asked "So for the people who haven't seen the film yet tell us

MOBO MeView + TweetView

So basically I started writing notes for my MeView. If you haven't experienced a MeView (my view on a performance/concert) click here . It was going well until, well, Twitter became more interesting. I hardly watched the TV because I spent my time copy and pasting funny quotes from Twitter. I always tell people about the jokes I get from my timeline. Today I'm snitching on everyone I follow with a public account. (Disclaimer: YOU may have a private account but if it got RT'd by someone on my timeline with a funny tweet, then you are in here) Oh and one more (Disclaimer: I only realised the fact some may have private accounts long after. Apologies in advance. Holla at me and I'll remove your tweet). I'd like to thank all of you, my unaware Tweeting contributors. Here goes the MeView x TweetView (snitchin'). I DON'T NECESSARILY AGREE WITH EVERY TWEET/OPINION. IF I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY OR INTERESTING I'VE POSTED IT. SOME I AGREE WITH, SOME I DON'T, AL