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Princess Nyah 'Hooligans' [vid]

Think this is the 3rd video for a song off the 'Diary of a Princess' EP You see at 1:40, they filmed someone (guessing it's Princess) wearing some peep toes. The next shot is of Ghetts face. Not gonna lie, I chuckled at the thought of Ghetts wearing them shoes. Also, bit disappointed it's in black and white. Why did they show so much of Nyah when Sadie Ama is in the video? Not one close up you know. #Fail I like this song. Ang tite Ill Blu on the buttons; they're doing a lot right now (remember Crazy Cousins? LMAO). Hold tight Princess Nyah, the one I said is the best female in the scene from last years UK Funky Live (cough debacle cough) concert. I don't care that she isn't the greatest singer, she blatantly has best written songs for the galdem. I'd standardly get her to write couple tunes for my female artist (if I had one).

Melanie Fiona interview by Marvin Sparks

Melanie Fiona was born and raised in Toronto to Guyanese parents. Having been signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation management after writing a song for Rihanna, she also opened for Kanye West on his European Tour in 2008. 20th July sees the release of her debut album 'The Bridge' through Universal Motown, lead by the hot single 'Give It to Me Right'. Marvin Sparks caught up with Melanie Fiona to talk about the "It" in 'Give It to Me Right', being cheated on, to opening for Kanye, her favourite things about UK including her favourite UK artist. Marvin Sparks: I first heard you when David Rodigan used to play 'Somebody Come Get Me' on his Reggae Show. On VP records annual compilation Reggae Gold the artist is listed as Melanie Hall a.k.a. Syren. How did you come to Melanie Fiona?

Gappy Ranks 'Longtime' [vid]

Second video from the Rising Out of The Ghetto EP (click here for the first) . I've actually got it in my yard. Will digest then review in due course. Tune mad! Mr. Ranks has released some good material over these past couple years. Hope the momentum stays until the eventual release of his long-awaited as-yet untitled album. Check my interview with him by clicking here .

Little Update Ting

I've looked through my blog and come to the decision that there could possibly be too much bashment on here. I've decided to dedicate this post to some other stuff that has caught my ear/eye recently. Hold tight Giggs finally getting his own club banger to his name. Track 9 aka Talking The Hardest was a freestyle in 07, dunned dances in 08, still knocks bloody hard. Look What The Cat Dragged in gets numerous wheels. Giggs' ability to jockey a beat leads me to believe he is the ONLY rapper that can handle a dancehall riddim. Giggs better know (female) arse is better than breast. On a related note, Shadrack and the Mandem have built up a serious rep on the underground and Internet through their videos depicting life on the roadside. The video boasts appearances from street heavyweights Pecknarm rapper Giggs and Jaja Soze from PDC. Beat bangs, video's hard, lyrics heartfelt. Say nada Yup, it's that time again where I blog about Ed Sheeran. Said it in the last po

Ciara Riding It [vid]

I don't post these videos for any old reason. Ciara, mmm mmm mmm, damn gurrrl!!! You bad as hell, ma Check 3:05 she goes to lean on the car but it isn't there so she styles it out hahaha (well I lol'd) Tunes alright; beat bangs, suggestive lyrics, singer can't sing (more off-notes than on), feature from Ludacris... video's alright; sexy whining, not much clothing... but what more do you expect from modern day r&b? Not much more than this nowadays. Ciara is a badass dancer though. Definitely throws herself back into the mix of the sexiest dancers. Keri Hilson can't move like B, RiRi and CiCi. What's the star abbreviation for Keri? Kez? Kezza!!! Ooo are ya! Blog comments give me jokes. They'll learn that music started before they were born. I mean one commment on ThatGrapeJuice suggested Ciara copied Beyonce by wearing a fur coat, and chewing gum! Puh-leaze gurlfrend, get ova yaself, shawtay Which brings me to my next point; before Pop Idol, it&#

Ed Sheeran - The A Team - A64

Not sure how many times I've blogged about Ed Sheeran (think it may only be the once after seeing him perform at Wired click here ), but get used to him. I'm fully on supporting this guy 100%. I'm literally a fan, one of few artists I actually can say I'm a fan of and anticipate hearing stuff from. His 7 track EP 'Loose Change' is definitely worth the loose change (£5 we ballers out 'ere SAN!) paid for it. The above track, 'The A Team', is my favourite track on the CD. First track on the EP, instant repeat material, so standard was set quite high but I really enjoyed every track on there. Good lyrical content, singing, beats etc. Where the labels at? Sign this guy up! Hold tight SB showcasing singers on A64, the spin off to the popular F64 series,. Acoustic is the way forward. Not even a Hovis/Warburtons bread ting, this guy SB seems to make right decisions all the time, and has a great ear for talent (maybe 'cos his mum's a good singer t

Sway F64; my thoughts

You may or may not know the background between me and Sway, so I'll tell yous. I don't think he liked a post I wrote about him ( ). He commented on it then hit me up on Twitter, calling it "interesting". He asked me to review his mixtape, The Delivery, which quite clearly I haven't done. Not because I couldn't be bothered; more I've listened to it, thought it was alright, but haven't got around to reviewing it. Anyways, his F64 First off, shouts to SB on the 2nd series. Doing a lot fam! F64's have fully got the internet going NUTS! Absolute demolition job! Quotables and punches for days (although he said "They couldn't see me coming if they were vaginas with spectacles" before. See I listen intently Sway ;) ). I liked "Life's a bitch and I'm C. Brown... I'm just taking the piss with the seat down" , "I'm not patient I want to se

Gyptian featuring Nicki Minaj - Hold You remix

In my blog (Blogged about the video for the original here: If you like it, you can purchase from iTunes: ), I requested remixes of this tune, so you can imagine how happy, but moreso surprised to read "Gyptian feat Nicki Minaj Hold You remix" all toghether on one line, and it actually being real, not a cut and paste jobby! Nicki deal with the riddim a way (very well)! I think she has Trini in her. Goes in, nice to hear an non-cringeworthy Yard accent without outdated. She all took time out to big up garrison areas Waterhouse, Jungle and Rema. Is hers better than Mama Saw? Said to my friend, it's like all the best female rappers have a sort of connection to Jamaica/Caribbean; be it blood or imitation. Foxy Brown is half-Trini (half deaf too, and pretty rubbish but she's still hot); Lil Kim used to bang out the Yardie accent regula

My Top 5 Tunes For Summer

Sun is in the sky, music sounds so much better with sun, especially my chosen genre, reggae/dancehall. Well obviously, it's made in the sun so naturally it feels summery. Anyways, I always get asked about hottest songs, 'cos many people don't keep up with dancehall/bashment and reggae like I do plus they appreciate my ears to the streets and the speaker box. I appreciate that trust greatly, there are DJs I rate that rate my opinion. My top 5 picks for summer from a Euro-centric point of view, as of songs released to date, in no particular order are: First up, the "Gully Gad" Mavado's seductive 'Come Into My Room' featuring vocals on the chorus from the Gully Squad's first lady Stacious. Guys you are guaranteed to get a slow whine this summer to this tune, unless it's the stush UK Funky girls that like high-tempo music so they can dance with their girls Next up, Gyptian's 'Hold You' . Bwoy, this tune has the reggae world in th

Vybz Kartel "Clarks mi prefer"

Despite falling out with some/most/damn near all of the main players in the reggae/dancehall industry through either disrespectful lyrics on songs, explicit pictures, accusations of ordering beatdowns on former members of the Gaza camp/Portmore Empire, deejay of the year in both 08 and 09 has released a banger for the summer. Who said traditional dancehall was dead?! Once again, dancehall is starting to kick again this time of the year. Nuff riddims released from earlier this year seem to be picking up heat as well as new riddims dropping. Maybe it's down to sun in sky for me. Even former B2K front man Omarion tweeted "Waan gwaan popcaan!! "CLARKES" VYZB KaRtel!" ( click here for the proof ) We'll excuse the minor typo, it isn't that big a deal. My bredrin in Jamaica told me you can't find Clarks to buy in stores in Jamaica. Kartel, tell Clarks "cut di cheque!" Clarks will be dropped next to Nuh Linga, Click Mi Finger and/or Sweep thr

Gappy Ranks - Rising Out Of The Ghetto [Video]

Check out UK dancehall/bashment/reggae's hottest property Gappy Ranks' new video Rising Out of the Ghetto (Produced by Dolomite for Suncycle). (Filmed & Edited by Simon " Spliffberg " Favier) Taken from " RISING OUT OF THE GHETTO " - DIGITAL EP - IN STORES APRIL 16TH Check my interview with Gappy Ranks by clicking here (yes click what you are reading for the old dears) What you think? Good song? Bad song? Can gwaan? Mad decent? Shot? Sell weh?

Memorial for Martin Luther King

I think this is something the people dem will be interested in. The month of April marks the 42nd anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are commemorating the life and work of Dr. King by creating a memorial in our nation's capital. The Washington, DC, Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial will honor his life and contributions to the world through non violent social change. After years of fund raising, the memorial is now $14 million away from its $120 million goal. This will be more than a monument to a great humanitarian, the National Memorial will be a place for visitors from around the world to share the spirit of love, freedom, and peace. For more info: Twitter @mlkmemorial RIP Martin Luther King