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This Is Why Westwood Runs This

I'll tell you straight, I grew up listening to Tim Westwood when his Friday Show was on from 11pm-1am. He is a straight up legend innadis! No one in the game possesses chracter like him. I burst out laughing on numerous occasions when I heard this on Saturday, so had to share. Westwood interviews Drum and Bass/Dubstep producion duo Chase and Status Related to that, a song I was meant to post the other day; Saxon is one of the best Dubstep beats about. I heard Rihanna was going to vocal it, which sounded alien to me. I'll never forget when grime DJ Logan Sama dropped this for Cold Blooded (Scorcher, Jonson, Revolver, Terminator & Dolla da Dustman). They left it disfigured! Anyway, below is Nicki Minaj's demo for Rihanna Don't think Rihanna did it for her album (I haven't heard it), but they've got 3 songs on there. And that's all folks

1 Month 'til Christmas

Don't know how they've worked that out but so dem seh! Anyway, nothing says Christmas like these: Christmas doesn't start 'til you see this The best advert in the whole entire world! I remember going there and being so disappointed that it wasn't the magical wonderland I expected. Was more like some any warehouse. Xmas party ender Noddy Holder must make so much money from this one tune. Every single year they dig this up for a new compilation CD and programs always use it. My personal fave Christmas song Top boy cartoon film I couldn't hit them notes before the Adam's apple

Sarah Palin's policies? IT DOESNT MATTER!!!

Just seen this and thought I'd share Some of you most probably fell about laughing thinking "only in America" but that's BS! UK votes for BNP are increasing. But not even that, ask people why they will vote for David Cameron next year, or why they voted for Tony Blair, or Boris, or even why they don't vote for lesser parties like Lib Dems or at all. You'll get foolish answers across the board, so don't put it down to "Only in America". I remember around the whole London mayor time someone told me they are voting for Boris because oil prices are too high... *looks in disbelief* ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my arse off)! In '08 someone over the age of 21 told me that. I won't say the gender 'cos I don't want to bias the point and I love women (oops ;0) ). As one user correctly put it 123got180degrees (2 minutes ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply This just proves that politics is just showbiz , 80% of peopl

Gully vs. Gaza AGAIN!? Music mi seh!

So if you haven't been following, Kartel and Mavado (scroll to the bottom of the Killer vs. Kartel war report) have been sending songs after each other AGAIN. LAME we don't want to hear you two warring again. Just as we were getting somewhat near a peace treaty (AGAIN), you both decide to draw for war tunes. Why? We don't want to see a rematch this year at Sting, cos to be quite frank, the last wasn't that good. Both have managed to move on with their careers, Kartel's flourishing both locally and for the first time in a while internationally (since VISA was revoked?), whilst Mavado continues to make headway collaborating/in the studio with the likes of DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Wyclef and Young Jeezy to Alicia Keys. Last year, it was at the forefront of everyone's mind and captured our imagination. Now it's at the point where it is more likely to result in a lose-lose. We've had to endure Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man on-and-off for over a decade, pleas

FAO Wiley: which Take That member did you see in Bedford Nightclub?

I wonder which member he saw? I'd only recognise Jason Orange (the Shaggy haired guy that was in one of the Celeb BB's) or Gary Barlow but neither of them seem the raving type. Especially not in a club I'd imagine Wiley would go to. Hmm... anyway, my money's on Jason Orange. LET US KNOW WILEY!!! Did you say something like "Rah I swear you're a member of that crew Take That?" That musta been "well weird", Wiley having a convo with a member of Take That. Just imagine if the member spat "It's Wiley and I'm gettin 'em hyper" whilst spuddin him as a greeting? Bare excitement innadis! Shame its getting released the week after Christmas though (28th December go cop that late stocking filler tingsdem). Sales aren't usually that great them times unless its Boxing Day sales. Hope it still gets the major love it deserves. Also hope his run lasts longer the last time, he most definitely deserves it. Send your answers in on the

This Dynamo illusionist guy

Straight jacked from Chantelle Fiddy . Before I continue,I like Chantelle and rate her highly. Met her once (that's not me beggin' by the way) and she seems like a really cool lady, but I liked her before that and I don't know why. Although she doesn't seem to tweet much anymore she's jokes. But to the point of the post: I've heard a lot about him, but I never realised he was this big. Show reel is many things! Man can't fool badman like I though. If he tried that garbage on me, I'd tell him do it again if he's bad, then study real hard. But on a real, he's "truly amazing". I've never had someone play a trick on me - not counting evil bastads and them Eve's (evil females) - if I see him about I'll ask him to trick me. Mucho props to him

New York (vs) New York - Alicia Keys & Jay-Z

I'ma be honest wit'chyall (say that in a New York accent/twang whatever), I never really thought Empire State of Mind was as big as everyone else does yo. Word is bond dun, Al Shux laid the foundations for a moving tribute/appreciation, Alicia Keys kills it on the hook, but I never felt like Jay-Z actually hit a home run with any of the verses. Don't get me wrong there are lines here and there, general vibe just wasn't there for me. I find myself waiting for the chorus to come on again so I can sing out "Neeww Yorrrrrk" triumphantly like I'm from there! Me and one of my bredrens were debating whether Jay's verses were good the other day. I told him in no uncertain terms that the chorus makes the tune, not Jay. I guess that is compounded by the fact top 40 UK radio stations like Kiss and Choice FM cut Jay's verses down considerably. Thanks to the almighty Jah, Alicia Keys laced her own verses. That is better than the original alie? How it shou

Griminal's new song... hmm... well... erm...

I like this guy, think he raps very well, girls love him and his TI lookalike self. Here's his new tune: Video is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!! Plush. Really feeling that. Obviously got some major label money behind it, possible deal on the table soonish. He followed the apparent blueprint set by Tinchy, then followed by Griminal's ex-arch nemesis Chipmunk. Song about romance = check Synth heavy = check Young sounding female on the hook (more Chipmunk then Tinchy) = check Rapper doing a bit of singing (even if it's Autotune assisted) = check But this is what happens when you try to recreate what's going on without using a brain to say the song just isn't good. This failed on the fundamentals; sing-along hook and a good beat. I'll be honest, I've never been sold on Griminal as the next to buss the commercial market. I hope he does, but I'm not sold on it yet. This didn't convince me. Him and Bratt are really trying to play thi

I don't usually hate on others but...

Exhibit A. Hating!!! Before I say the next thing I'd like to state I'm not a perv or anything, I'm a man. There is a difference between perv and man, some people will say thin line, I say you love it (females that is). My hand would have been testing her bum, RAGS! Exhibit B. Chart-topping grime (pop now?) artist Tinchy Stryder - real name Kwasi Danquah (why do national papers keep putting his real name out there? Silent pars or something? They don't call Elton John by his real name!) - tweeted "I've been in a bad mood 2day but RHIANNA jus come on the phone & invited me backstage!!... I'm smiling now!!!! Lol" This was the result of that phone call (shameless plug on my own blog, check my Tinchy Stryder interview here ) And if that wasn't enough Exhibit C. Who wants to cuss Rihanna's forehead? Come on, I dare YA! She is wayyyyyyy toooooo banging!!! Look at her back-off (thought she lost it) and thigh combo. Straight public lips

Marvin Sparks interviews Skepta

Following the success of the summer clubland anthem Too Many Man, Goin In is the new single from grime collective Boy Better Know. Marvin Sparks caught up with Skepta to discuss the lack of crews in grime, whether he was happy with the final outcome of Too Many Man, regrets from his crossover attempt, Chipmunk`s tweets and the importance of credibility. read that here on For the full interview which includes his opinion on the relevance of clashing, more regrets, whether he'll be on Lord of the Mics 3, what he'd change about the grime scene, #BBKcorrection, his own future plans, IndustryHater, Grime Daily vs. Grimeforum and more carry on reading below

This is why Grime > UK Funky

Shamelessly jacked this idea from UGK (UnderGround King) journo JP . We all remember this Channel U (channel 467?) classic I'm even from them ends but I recognise this to be a classic. Was better than the south equivalent and I'm from south (Just for the sake of it) This is the UK Funky remix of North Weezee What the hell is that all about? No vibes whatsoever. Don't get me wrong the beat isn't bad but it's the sorta song I'd rather smoke weed to and "I don't smoke the reefa!" The intro was nice, went on a bit too long but nice. Just clocked the girl singing is the girl spitting on the original! Sign of the times. My main gripe is this: a vital element to any anthem is a call-and-response hook. Was powerful on the original song - ok, I'll admit I'd sing it in my head when at a club. "Where do we come from?" - check, but what's the singing response about? They don't think people will sing it back do they? They

Noughties Appreciation: 2003

Welcome to 2003! Click here for the rest of the Noughties appreciation What happened in the world? 30 January - Richard Colvin Reid, the so-called "shoe bomber", sentenced to life imprisonment by a United States court. 15 February - In London, more than 2 million people demonstrate against the Iraq War, the largest demonstration in British history. 17 February - The London congestion charge, a fee that is levied on motorists travelling within designated parts of London, came into operation. 12 March - Iraq disarmament crisis: British prime minister Tony Blair proposes an amendment to the possible 18th U.N. resolution, which would call for Iraq to meet certain benchmarks to prove that it was disarming. The amendment is immediately rejected by France, who promises to veto any new resolution. 20 March - 2003 Iraq war: Land troops from United Kingdom join troops from the United States, Australia and Poland in the invasion of Iraq. April 21 - S Club announce live on stage

Couple Dancehall/Bashment Videos

Riddim built by my favourite production house right now, Head Concussion, lyrics laced by one of the fiercist lyricists in the dancehall game. Fans who dabble in dancehall music don't really understand this guys levels. Could be down to his clarity, but still. Video is big too, feel the way it captured paranoia Jah Vinci's 'Mi Know' is possibly the stand-out cut on the riddim. I also feel the Vybz Kartel hook (not hot on the song as a whole. Vybz Kartel did deliver on this next riddim, once again Head Concussion. Features cuts other members from his Portmore Empire camp; Lisa Hype & Gaza Kim, Black Rhyno, the man himself and again with Merital Family Feel every song in this video. The female song not as much, but it serves it purpose.


Apologies for the lack of updates; I haven't been inspired by much this week. Ok, I have been distracted by what I'm meant to be doing instead of posting, and I've been playing Call of Duty: Mordern Warfare 2. Email me @ if you want my username thingy bob. I specialise in headshots I have, however, completed the two missing years from Noughties Appreciation 2001 & 2002 Actually, brb, I'm going to post a video I saw the other day that I like.

David (Haye) vs. Goliath (Valuev)

Something's telling me not to do this post, because part of me feels like I will be wrong. It's never stopped me before so here goes... Let's be honest, we haven't cared about heavyweights in a while. A slew of sub-par champions has meant interest dwindled in what was Boxing's bread winning division. From about 2004 onwards, the light weights reign as the most exciting and generate the big PPV money. Another change has been the star-studded USA who ruled the heavyweight division since as far as I can remember, now have no world champions. All of the champions are either Russian or from Ukraine (Kiltschko brothers) and reside/fight out of Germany. Not exactly the glamour we've come to expect. To be frank: Heavyweight boxing is dead! However, tonight's fight is the Heavyweight divisions most mouth-watering contest since Heavyweight #1 Lennox Lewis fought late replacement and soon-to-become (at the time0 #1 Vitali Klitschko in 2003. Blimey, 6 years ago. 6ft

Rihanna Explains It All

I'm not gonna go on a sermon here. All I will say is, Rihanna didn't have to do this. Chris Brown had to defend himself so naturally an interview is required. She could have left it, moved on and it would have been one of those "I would have like to know, but ah well" times. And why now? Did she see how well he was doing which included the release date of his album brought forward, whereas her music was getting panned left, right and centre? We'd somewhat moved on. Those who hated him after the incident will hate him, those who supported his recent music either moved on or didn't care that much. I'm not team Chris Brown, he was completely wrong for what he did, I don't think there is ever a reason for hitting a woman, but she didn't have to do this interview. Oh my days, she is such a stunner, but this move seems like a low blow. A move which makes me think she's just bad mind

Noughties Appreciation: Year 2002

Click for all the episodes of Noughties Appreciation . I don't remember much about 2002, so I'll start with What Made The News (/ what mattered to me back then or what I now see as important in history): January 1 – Euro notes and coins are issued in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands. January 16 – The UN Security Council unanimously establishes an arms embargo and freezes the assets of Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. February 1 – Kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is murdered in Karachi, Pakistan. March 1 – U.S. invasion of Afghanistan: In eastern Afghanistan, Operation Anaconda begins. March 19 – US war in Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda ends (started on March 1) after killing 500 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters, with 11 allied troop fatalities. April 9 – The funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother takes place in Westminster Abbey, London. April 11 –

Jamelia reunites with "ex-lover" on TV/ Max D Apology Vid

Not the type of thing I usually post, but this was hilarious! So Jamelia was on popular BBC2 pop-quiz (don't know the actual genre) Never Mind The Buzzcocks. She was looking mighty fine as ever. Let me pause there, I must admit, I never quite saw the hype with Jamelia as a pop star. I had her down as the black Kylie Minogue; someone the media hyped their beauty. May have been due to her music not being to my taste as well. Let's just say I take that all the way back!!! Definitely one of the hottest UK celebrities in the game. Unlike the beauty-yet-ever-so-annoying "mana mana mic MC" Alesha Dixon "H'inside!", the recently separated/soon-to-be-divorced "professional panelist" has an endearing, bubbly personality. Would wife at the drop of a hat. Back to Buzzcocks, she was her usual stunning self - even though she tweeted she "looked like a hooker" - dressed in one black top with some see-through piece at the top displaying the plenti

Original Nuttah turns to Islam

Ever wondered where the Indian man who to this day made one of the biggest Jungle tunes got to? I'm talking so big it is not simply a niche genre-defining classic, but an all-round UK classic banger. Taking it back to Telepathy days. When Nicky Blackmarket, M-Beat, MC Det, MC Shabba, Skibadee and them man were young. Tunes like Chopper, Wolf, Burial... The guy I'm talking about is Who can say they never buss gunfinger when the bassline dropped? Back when Jungle had real bass (usually sampled ragga) before this watered down drum & bass (with minimal bass) stuff. I remember requesting this on The Box back in the days. Anyway, I've found him Guess he won't be doing any PAs of the tune anytime soon. I am not Muslim, this isn't Muslim propaganda, don't want any Nick Griffin-esq comments about Sharia law or any of that. I found this Roadside to Islam channel interesting. Jaja from PDC and Young Ummah talk religion vs. Music, This ones deep. Dude talks

Marvin Sparks x Raekwon interview

Wu-Tang's in-house "Chef" better known as Raekwon proved he is still a force to be mentioned alongside the hottest rappers in the hip hop game with the release of Only Built For Cuban Linx... pt. II - sequel to his 1995 debut album. Marvin Sparks caught up with the hip hop legend to discuss rapping for drug dealers, people caring "more about stats than raps", his inclusion in MTV's Top 10 Hottest Rappers list, and converting to Islam. Marvin Sparks: It has been almost fifteen years since the first Only Built For Cuban Linx, an album that was a 5-mic classic when The Source magazine held weight. Why did you decide make a sequel?

50 Cent new single... do we care?

For previous 'Do We Care' episodes click here . This time we're going international! Makin moves. Disclaimer: As with all these "Do We Care's" a lot of it is mine and opinions I have gathered both through reading (forums/blogs) and hearing (speaking to people/radio). Not everything may be 100% correct, nor will you agree with everything, but 'tis my blog, I voice my opinions and experiences. 50 Cent, arguably this decades most influential hip hop artist, returns with his new single but we aren't going to listen to that right away. Let's take a trip down memory lane... I'm not gonna front like I was listening to Fif from How To Rob days, not gonna lie like I even heard How To Rob anywhere near 1999. I sung along to "I'mma bout a dollar what the f*ck is 50 Cent" on 'Some Like It Hot', from Life and Times of Shawn Carter Vol.3 - never understood what he was on about though. My knowledge of 50 Cent is post Poke and Tone

Shabba Returns to Brixton Academy [review]

For a brief (in comparison) on point review head over to my dargette NewsyChick . For one of my in-depth play-by-play, continue. I was excited when I first heard the show announced via @HanifBoogie's twitter back in August/early September. Not only would this be the first Shabba show in 13 years, it would also be the first dancehall show at Brixton Academy in almost as long. However, with the excitement came curiousity as to what this Shabba in 09 will be like. "Will he be off his head on drugs like so many of our legends are? Will he be overweight and lack the energy we all came to know? Has his time away turned him into a recluse and mad at the world?" were some of the questions that ran through my head at the time. Undoubtedly the biggest one was "Will the show actually happen?" We all remember the well-documented interview on The Word. Surely Peter Tatchell and his gang will come out in full force, won't they? Well they didn't and praises to Jah fo