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Kevin J Comedian - Exclusive interview

With just over a year of comedy experience, Kevin J has everyone talking about the new white comedian on the circuit after his recent feature as Hot Spot (new talent) on MTV Base’s “Kojo’s Comedy Funhouse”. The 21 year-old comedian credits his multi-cultural surroundings of Tottenham for the foundations of his jokes. The class clown who simply loved making people laugh has gone from being called an “attention-seeker now called a comedian.” Marvin Sparks caught up with Kevin J to discuss his begninngs and sharp rise to fame in comedy, being a white comedian on a black circuit, the Kojo effect ( click for interview with Kojo after you've read this interview ) and more. What is the difference between being the class clown and a comedian? Comedian is a craft. You don’t just go on the stage and do anything because you’ll get found out. I’m sure a lot of people have seen comedians who go on stage and you can see they haven’t planned it. They just think they are a funny guy just [te

Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World (4th May) - Interview

After writing hits for Ciara ( Like A Boy ), Mary J Blige ( Take Me As I Am ) and Britney Spears ( Gimme More ), and having her vocals featured on Xzibit's 'Hey Now' , Nas' 'Hero' and Timbaland's 2008 club-banger 'Way I Are' , Keri Hilson is stepping out of the shadows with the release of her debut album 'In a Perfect World' . Her talents were initially spotted by producer Polow Da Don (Usher, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland), who then brought her to the attention of smash-hit-maker Timbaland. The highly anticipated debut album is being issued as a joint release from Mosley Music Group (Timbaland's label) and Zone 4 (Polow Da Don's label). To mark the release of 'In A Perfect World' (in stores 4th May) Keri Hilson took time out to speak to regarding the struggles of getting recognition as a hit songwriter, being a tomboy labelled a sex symbol, blog haters to working with Elvis! Marvin Sparks: What is about your wri

Flo Rida - R.O.O.T.S - Interview caught up with Flo Rida to discuss his chart-topper ‘Right Round’, the biggest struggle he’s had to overcome and his feelings on being called a Ringtone Rapper. How did you come to recording Right Round? Flo Rida: It being my sophomore album I just wanted to show my growth and expand my horizons. With the Dead or Alive sample, growing up in a household with 7 sisters I heard all types of music. My A&R brought it to my attention, I met up with the producer Dr. Luke and we made it happen. You‘ve reclaimed your digital downloads record, were you surprised this time around? Flo Rida: Doing it again definitely surprised me but it being a hot record, not at all. The album is titled R.O.O.T.S which stands for ‘Route Of Overcoming The Struggle’, what’s the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome and what did you learn from it? Flo Rida: The biggest was losing my sister but it definitely inspired me and motivated me to say yo

My Ash Roth Quoted as "Greatest Interview"

Yes, yes, you read the title correctly. Got BBM'd (BlackBerryMessenger'd) on Friday to say the site ( was receiving loads of hits from leading Hip-Hop blogsite (ranked no. 7 Top Hip-Hop blog by a.k.a Vibe Magazine) for my Asher Roth interview. They called it (I quote): "The greatest interview with hip hop’s leading thinker" and wrote a whole essay/blog! Check it out heyarh: If you haven't checked The Greatest Interview (not my words :oD) with hotly-tipped Hip-Hop artist Ash Roth, see't yah: To mark the release of 'I Love College' (6th April) and 'Asleep in the Bread Aisle' (20th April), caught up with Asher Roth to find out why he hopes to go head-to-head with Eminem, if he's just a white guy trying to exploit black music and why he isn't a rapper. MArvin Sparks' interviews Asher Roth

Busy Signal dissing bleachers or Kartel?

Dancehall's resident social-commentator Busy Signal comes (forwards?) with another much-discussed subject, this time laying into bleachers. (disclaimer: video is a fan video NOT by anyone associated with Busy Signal) Vybz Kartel is the self-proclaimed Teacher, known to his opposition as "Di Bleacher" for "obvious" reasons. Busy and Kartel have been going back-and-forth since about 06 when Addi left the Alliance although it has never reached the heights of Mavado and Kartel. Rumours are swirling that this is about Kartel, but I'm not too sure. Yes, you may recognise the riddim is a 90's riddim, known as 'Bam Bam' by Taxi Gang (Sly and Robbie) made popular by "father and son" (they weren't really, that was PR) Chaka Demus and Pliers 'Murder She Wrote'. Real followers will know the real inspiration behind this song from the sample. Post-Sean Paul dancehall fans "Waak (walk) wide" Good song by Busy, but not

Beenie Man and Busta inna combination

Sounds aight. Busta is a Dancehall DJ in a Hip Hop clothing anyway. Needs to work with more. This was a banger: Busy kills it, S. P's flow was probably the best I'd ever heard it! Stephen with another one of them cinamtic bangers. Should have been bigger IMO. I mean come on, it got Ringtone treatment.

Rick Ross = Most Anticipated for 09?

Had you asked me about 3 months ago I'd probably told you his shit's over. Exposed as a correctional officer/ fraud/ screw by Trick Daddy from last year, he decided to deny - well chat shit about being the Ten Million Man - then proceed to wage war with Fif as we all know ( ). When he first started with this "Thanks for the promotion munkey," @ 50, I thought "Come on maaan, it isn't good promotion". Little did I know I'd be anticipating his album more than every other Hip-hop album (I can think of that's dropping in 09 apart from Nas + Damian Marley) including Fifty's. A whole bunch of tracks have been leaked to benefit off the adverse promotion. Wanna know what did it for me? Produced by who will probably be my favourite producers of the year 'The Inkredibles'. Yeah, they've catted JUSTICE League's style with a bit of The Runners (sample s

Shane Brown JukeBoxx interview

Grandnephew of Treasure Isle record and Rocksteady pioneer Duke Reid, reggae has been in the family history from before the name Reggae was coined. Carrying on traditions, his first tutor in Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong studio was his father Errol Brown who was none other than Bob Marley’s sound engineer. Following in the footsteps of his Granduncle, he has his formed his own label dubbed Jukeboxx and is one of the most sought after producers in Reggae music. Following on the back of a successful 2008, Shane Brown has teamed up with VP/Greensleeves to release Silent River/Nylon riddim. Marvin Sparks caught up with Shane Brown to discuss Jukeboxx records, Demarco’s departure, his recipe for Busy Signal’s recent success and how a Reggae producer makes money in these tough economical times. Marvin Sparks: What techniques did you pick up from working in Tuff Gong as far as engineering? Shane Brown: Analogue; it was all analogue back in the days at Tuff Gong. That was one of the greatest le

'Member I told you - Jah Vinci

"'Member I told you" = artist to watch kinda ting. 2006 I said Mavado, 2007 I said Busy Signal (I never said new artists), 2008 I said Serani, now 2009 I'm not sure as yet, but the artist doing it for me "ah Jah Vinci" from Deva Bratt, I mean Vybz Kartel led Portmore Empire. First heard him last year on that terrible diss track by Kartel to Mavado on Day Rave riddim. Yeah, I said horrible. And he sounded just like fellow Empire member Black Rhyno. But anyway, it worked for him because he got the exposure he needed from that. He's moved into his own style which mainly consists of life teachings and cultural side therefore his target audience is different to Black Rhyno. I'm currently rinsing 3 songs by this dude, each as good as the other. As long as he keeps doing these songs, stays far from the tracing (cussing) and gun tunes, he'll be on the good road. He has more credibility than Bugle through association and is a bigger name, once again,

Earwig Selection: 3-April-09

Welcome to my ears. Here are a few examples of tunes consuming my ears rytchaboutnow. Mixture of genre's, era's etc. Gonna try buss this weekly. 30 years of Hip-hop is being celebrated on BBC 1Xtra, and during the Trevor and Gemma breakfast show this song has been the bed (underneath them when talking). As a result, it has been in my head all day. What a banging beat! Them shattering snares that defined that period do it for me moreso than the kicks. The sax, sample rings off etc. Jsut a great *radio edit* ufckin beat Been pumpin this for the past week or so. Riddim is called the Indiscretion, also has a big cut by Peetah Morgan called 'Secrets' where he talks about cheating. Love how Busy stays true to the socio-commentary roots of dancehall. Busy + Roots Reggae riddim = winner. Big up man like Shane Brown. Which reminds me I'm gonna post up my interview with Shane Brown to here by mid-next week. Went to the Anthony Hamilton concert last night. Amazing! Was

Vybz Kartel - 'Don't Run (Last Man Standing)' video

The video for Vybz Kartel's celebratory song 'Don't Run (Last Man Standing)' dedicated to his victory over Mavado at Sting was released couple hours ago. Song was originally recorded within 5 hours of the clash ending back in the early hours of 27th December'08. Within this time, the song has gained extreme popularity from those who seh Gaza, so much so it is the number 1 song in many Dancehall charts. This is sure to rub even more salt into the wounds of Alliance followers, question is with all the International touring and promoting Mavado is doing for his commerical release 'Mr Brooks... a better tomorrow", does he care?Anyway nice vid, and the song still knocks. Fans of the song from day will notice the lyrics have changed. "Why?" I hear you ask. It has to be fit for radio play (obviously), but more interestingly, due to the law the Broadcasting Commission passed couple months back, radio will not play songs with beep's, hence the rewordin