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Dont Jealous Me touches road

The soon-to-be media mogul Smokey Barz (or has he fully changed it to SB now), takes the YouTube smash DJMTV to the roads. Good job too cos I thought the bedroom ting got a bit stale out, if I'm honest. My opinion innit. Add a hidden camera and this could very well be the best black hidden camera/prank show on mainstream TV ever. It's funny without making a complete fool of himself and his people's thus making quality cringe-free TV. Come through BBC3, give us a long-overdue decent black comedy.

Trey Songz interview

For more info: Trey Songz returns minus the braids, with Stargate produced lead single 'I Need a Girl' lifted from his 3rd album entitled 'Ready'. The forthcoming lp's production reads like an all-star team sheet ranging from Stargate, Jermaine Dupri, Brian-Michael Cox and Sean Garrett to the man himself. This set sees Nokio traded as co-executive producer with Johnta Austin who has written hits for Tyreese ( Sweet Lady ) Mary J Blige ( Be Without You )and helped mastermind Mariah Carey's comeback ( We Belong Together ). sat with Trey Songz to speak on his disappointment with previous album sales, why he teamed up with the 'typical' hit producers as everyone else, create his celebrity dream girl, find out the real reason behind the single 'I Need a Girl' and whether he dates fans . 2nd time over here, how you enjoying London? Trey Songz: It’s good. I just got here.

Asher Roth interview

Watch official video here: Hailing from a small suburban town with a population of just over 10,000 called Morrisville, Pennsylvania, the white, college dropout Asher Roth is far from your average rapper. He is hotly tipped for big things in '09 according to most industry insiders which has included gracing the cover of leading Hip-hop magazine XXL as one of the top 10 freshmen. Lead single 'I Love College' from debut album ' Asleep in the Bread Aisle' has surpassed 3 million hits on YouTube within a month of being uploaded and was recently selected as record of the week by leading Radio 1 tastemaker Zane Lowe. Being hearalded as the hottest white rapper since Eminem has it's pros-and-cons, most notably the comparisons drawn. However, Em' wasn't the person who inspired the new white rapper on the block to pick up the mic. Asher bought Jay-Z's 'Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life' after hearing the Annie sa

Paul Wall interview

Paul Wall burst on to the Hip-hop scene amidst a lot of hype surrounding Houston artists; a time when everyone had a chopped-and-screwed version of their album. Most notably, he was known for supplying grills to celebrities ranging from Hip-hop’s elite to Brooke Hogan. Since then, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug and Paul Wall have all failed to maintain the hype they once had. The People’s Champ returns with his new album The Fast Life which boasts productions from Play-n-Skillz, Akon, Travis Barker and features Akon, Too Short, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Lil Keke, Z-Ro, Chamillionaire. spoke to Paul Wall to discuss his upcoming album 'The Fast Life' , his return to Asylum, why he doesn’t care about platinum plaques and what Houston needs to get back to the top. Last time majority of people heard you was on Nelly’s chart-topper ‘Grillz’. Where have you been hiding? Paul Wall: I’ve just been on the grind tryna get it; I’ve been on the road do

Official Tribal Skank Video

They've upped the levels with this one. Easily the best video to drop in the UK Funky scene. Well executed concept which could quite easily have come across corny, shot very well and tunes got a little bounce to it. Coming off the back of the smash 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes', comparisons will be there. Instead, they brought out their own vibe. Not sure if you'll catch me bussing this in the dance - too much prancing side-to-side for me - but it looks good. Who am I kiddin'? Man will dun da dance and spice it up with my owna ting. Coming to a shoobs near you!

Perempay & DEE featuring Katie Pearl - Feel It In The Air

Here it is: I can see where they wanted to go with the vid, but (and a very big but) it's very, erm, marmite. Gotta say, it isn't my cuppa tbh. Feel the tune? Buy the tune. If you're feeling the tune, but hate the vid, still support the tune or else they'll jump on the bassline/electro ting! Available to purchase today:

50 Cent premieres Rick Ross Baby Mother Sex Tape

If you aren't familiar with the beef between Pimpin Curly and Officer Ricky, get familyar! Originates from Rick Ross dissin 50 on The Inkredibles produced banger Mafia Music. "We're steppin on your crew 'til the motherfucker's crushed And making sweet love to every woman that you lust I love to pay her bills, cant wait to pay her rent Curtis Jackson baby mother aint askin for a cent Burn the house down, you gotta buy another..." Fifty responded with a (lame) diss to which Rick Ross issued a 24hour deadline to make another. Fif' declared war, telling Ricky he's going to end his career Fiddy's first step was to interview Ricky's first baby moms, Tia, talking slick about Ricky being broke, which was later backed up by a financial affadavit released by Fif'. Took her and her bestie shopping for mink coats. Second was going to head of Def Jam South DJ "We The Best" Khaled's mum's house and place of work. Why? Fif' c

Marvin Sparks recommends: The-Dream 'Love vs. Money'

Been banging the singer-songwriters debut album/personal classic Love/Hate since it first dropped back in Xmas 07. It was the soundtrack throughout the whole of 08. Now, he returns with the follow-up, titled 'Love vs. Money' . Needless to say the guy all the R&B dudes want to be done it again. Couple recommendations: Jump-off single 'Rockin That Thang' . There is an 'All-star Def Jam' remix but the original is better to me. I don't really want to hear 2 rappers past use by date and a copper on a R&B track. Luda merk'd tho Having created J. Holiday's smash debut 'Bed' and Usher's 'Trading Places' LOS Da Maestro and The Dream link up again. To me they are as good if not better than his partnership with Tricky Stewart. Exibhit A: Want a killer slow jam? Kells comparison was evident from Love/Hate but this is bound to draw comparisons. R. Kelly - scandal - old man wearing bling = Other hot tracks: Fancy and Love vs

Joe Budden 'Padded Room' Interview It has been a tumultuous journey for Joe Budden since the summer 2003 smash-hit 'Pump It Up' dominated the airwaves. Circumstances leading to his departure from Def Jam in 2008 include an album being pushed back, pushed back further, then shelved indefinitely leading to rumours of being black balled by Def Jam label head and Joe's former idol Jay-Z. During his hiatus from the commercial game, the 'King of New Jerz' has maintained heavy street buzz and strong Internet fan base through releases of the underground classic 'Mood Muzik' mixtape trilogy. Controversy is never far though, his on-again, off-again beef with friend-turned-foe Ransom, Saigon and incarcerated Mobb Deep wordsmith Prodigy has meant he is renowned as one of the fiercest and most feared lyricists in the modern game. Joe Budden returns with 'Padded Room' , his long-overdue follow-up to his Gold-certified self-titled Def Jam debut released

Michael Keith (Mike from 112) Interview

Shouts to Donna Torrence and PyroRadio ! As one quarter of Atlanta’s R&B boy group 112, Mike, now known as Michael Keith, enjoyed much success including platinum selling albums, a Grammy award and many classic R&B hits. However, in 2007, Michael Keith left the group citing members Q and Daron were taking an unfair share of the royalty cheques. To mark the release of his self-titled album ( to purchase), Marvin Sparks caught up with Michael Keith to discuss his feelings on R&B and Autotune , if he’d return to 112, auditioning for Making the Band and whether or not Notorious was an accurate depiction. Marvin Sparks: What was the best thing about being in 112? Michael Keith: One of the best things was the unity we had as a group. We were able to do a lot of special things as a unit. I honestly feel like we hadn ’t reached our apex but at the same time I think we accomplished a lot and influenced a lot of artists who came after us. I woul

Kojo Comedian - Black History Month interview

Thanks to Man Like Kojo and lovely lady like Afryea. When I remembered October is the month we celebrate ‘Black History Month’ my initial thought was to write a profile on some guy who is dead and doesn’t have much significance on today. I then came to my senses and though forget celebrating the past whilst complaining "They don’t make ‘em like they used to," when there are plenty of good role models out there that aren’t rated as role models. I went back to the drawing board, put Bashy’s ’Black Boys’ on repeat for inspiration and came up with a shortlist consisting of people who I thought should be classed as modern day role models. To narrow down what was quite a long list of people whom I could get into contact with I decided to discard everyone involved directly in music, but still kept those who are in the business of entertainment. Many know the name or have seen the face. You may be able to match the name to the face and recite one of his famous jokes but hardly an