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World a Reggae and Bashment Influence 2015

By now, you may have read the  best of Jamaican music awards , plus the 20 top reggae and bashment songs of 2015 . Now is time for the round up of Jamaican music's influence outside of the core music. How reggae and bashment was either used or influence UK, US, South American, African music and more in 2015.

20 top reggae & bashment bangers fi da year ya - 2015 edition

This ain't in a particular order because how innit? And to be fair, its the first 20 songs that spring to mind. That's gotta be a good way to tell. I think anyway. And it ain't factual, its just my opinion. There will be a lot of songs I like that aren't on here so yeah, wul dis. I did an awards ceremony you can check here but this one is a way to share the song's I rated. The world a reggae and bashment ones here . Stay locked. But anyway, here goes...

Best of Jamaican Music Awards 2015

So anyway, I always think of dancehall and reggae as summer to summer. If a riddim didn't run summer, it doesn't qualify for a release that year. This stems back to going to Jamaica every year for Independence weekend. And Jamaican music sounds so much better in the lead up to and in the summer, anyway. I've had this in my drafts since about October and held out posting it just to see if anything would change this. It didn't so this will be my last end of year awards at this time of the year. It'll drop earlier. And it's my opinion anyway  based on my observations and experiences.