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Dancehall > Jungle > Garage > Grime: The Rewind Is Everything [1Xtra sets]

Just gonna drop these videos here to show the line of UK mic chatting music. Cos sets from these Jamaican's - Wayne Wonder, Frisco Kid and Lady Saw And UK ragga deejay's: Tippa Irie (from Saxon Sound a.k.a. the first UK mic chatters to chart in UK top 40 a.k.a. the sound that popularised fast-chat/double-time "rapping"), Sweetie Irie and General Levy. Please note this is the foundation of UK mic chatting culture. Accept no rewording of our history. Thanks in advance. UK garage MC's from So Solid, Pays As U Go and Heartless Crew Grime MCs Lethal Bizzle, Dizzee Rascal, BBK, Tempa T, Footsie Look pretty familiar, alie? To quote this Skepta interview : Hypetrak: Were people in Jamaica aware of grime? What’s their perception of the genre? Skepta: When we got to the airport, kids were outside welcoming us screaming "Boy Better Know." The internet has made everything so small. They understand of the grime beats because it’s similar to danc