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Melissa Steel ft Popcaan "Kisses For Breakfast" / Kano ft Popcaan "Alien"

Seems like the #TeamUnruly King is in demand amongst English artists. Last year saw him on a track with north London rapper Sincere, this week saw two releases of audio boasting a Popcaan feature. First up, Atlantic records recent signee, Melissa Steel "Kisses For Breakfast". The Yorkshire lass cut a version of the Wundah-produced should've-been-a-hit single by Lea-Anna in 2012, however, this obviously has more flavour with the unmistakable Popcaan assistance. Check it out below and look out for the video. The other is on a hip hop-based beat with co-mic controller Kano. As K-A mentions, he's done songs with Kartel, now here he is with a protege.

Fuse ODG = best black British artist right now*

Yeah I said it. That statement may come as a surprise to narrow-minded folk that believe it's impossible for someone who loves bashment (like me) to give an afrobeats artist that accolade. Maybe that's the case for some, but I have no qualms, mate. Here's why: He makes the truest music of any black artist in the UK on a known level right now (no bedroom guys/girls). His music is relevant to what's happening here in the UK - with the proliferation of house music in charts and dance floors - and his home country, Ghana, at the same time. There's very little compromise in what he's doing too. He's still the same guy we first knew to now - both lyrically and musically. And it works across generations. Kids love it, teens do and grown ups too. See, the reason why what he's doing stands out a whole lot more is mainly due to the rest of these guys out here replicating what goes on in a country we're already exposed to. Not to cuss 90s babies, but crit