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Rudimental do a ska version of Paramore's "More"

Congratulations to Rudiment scoring their second UK chart #1 with the anthemic " Waiting All Night ". They touched down at BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge to perform a ska version of US pop/rock band Paramore's "Now". You can see the similarity between pop-punk and ska. Bit like with a few of No Doubt's earlier stuff, especially "Just A Girl". Anyway, check out the cover below. They also put a bit of Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining" which is always a win. Oh, and Ella Eyre's voice is a super win. You know what, I'm gonna post "Waiting All Night" because the video is awesome.

I wrote this about when UK Garage met Ragga #Raggarage

Today I'm using this space to share some of my favourite UK Garage tunes. To this day, I believe it was the best time of UK music. It was also the last time when it was just about the vibes. Nobody was interest in if it had potential to top the charts or if the makers were making money. It wasn't visual and mainstream were more concerned with boy and girl bands than the dance floor. All you judged was how it made you feel. Did it make you wanna dance, sing along and buss gun finger? That's the only criteria. This isn't nostalgia speaking either. We all highlight certain aspects, forgetting that there was a lot of rubbish when hindsight takes over but it's actually the truth. MC's didn't have to be lyrical, because nobody wanted to hear deep lyrics when we were dancing. Now it's the complete opposite; punchlines and image of success take precedence over the music in many cases as far as underground black music. We here at Marvin Sparks blame America a