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Marvin Sparks vs DJ Snips: "Grime is not hip hop" [Video]

Now first off, I don't like cameras - isn't my game, but I did this for the people against the over-exaggerated influence of hip hop's impact on the world. Admittedly, our team lost members as they were blinded by the lights, conned by materialism and hip hop culture propaganda through mass media telling us hip hop is who we are. Hip hop justify things they may not necessarily agree with "But he/she stays getting money" and state "money over b**ches". People flock to that without even thinking it's nonsense. Propaganda money buys out minds. I responded to DJ Snips' on twitter over comments such as "Grime is a form of hip hop" & "It is people rapping over a beat which stems from America" made in this video IS MAN MADDDDDDDD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!? Can't make reckless statements like that to my ears. I'm so sorry. Even after Chuckie corrects him by saying Jamaicans toasting came before hip hop, he acknowle

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As you may or may not know, I blog all the dancehall and reggae stuff over on SoulCulture. It's called SoulCulture, but that doesn't mean soul/r&b music, it's about music that comes from the soul. Hence reggae posts. p.s. is probably the best non-dancehall and reggae site in England for the two genres so check over there for regular updates. Shola Ama does reggae with new song "Puppy Love" R&B singer Shola Ama was one of few women of colour representing on the UK charts in the nineties, alongside Des’ree, Gabrielle, Eternal, Jamelia and Shaznay from All Saints (all I recall at this moment). The north-west Londoner burst onto the scene with her top five charting cover of Randy Crawford‘s “You Might Need Somebody,” her 4x platinum-selling debut album Much Love, plus several other successful singles – namely garage anthem “Imagine” and featuring on UK dancehall artist Glamma Kid‘s “Taboo”. Read more Pop singer Sinead O'Connor doe