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Tweeter Review: X-Factor - Lady Gaga perf. + Kitty "Born This Way"

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Last but not least

Disclaimer: Tweets do not necessarily reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant

Forget what the papers and judges say, here's what the tweople say!

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Wonder if Lady Gaga will finally unveil herself as a Romanian boy called Gheorghe tonight...

@madnewsblog Mad News
what is Gaga going to do tonight... #X-Factor

@Popjustice Popjustice
Right this had better be good.

Lady Gaga will be wearing meat. Frankie Cocozza will be at home beating it #xfactor

@studiopixie studiopixie
QUICK! Get the holy water! It's Gaga! #XFactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Those facts for gaga were a bit lame! What about album sales and number one singles! And the way they hype less successful artis

@tymusic Ty
stay in the box babe......... lady gaga

@newsychick1 Karen AKA Newsychick
Gaga's on... cue Kitty wetting her pants backstage whilst being restrained from running onstage

@ItzMeHalle Hallie Lawal
How can she be doing this on a Sunday -_-

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
I dont know why Gheorghe always has religious themes. Jah dont rate you @LadyGaga

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Imagine that box just set on fire HAHAHAHHA #XFactor

@BlackPowerNinja Soprano Soulchild
That awkward moment when Lady Gaga trips over her willy on stage...

@DJMarshall91 Mr Marshall 
A heart in the cross, leave Jesus alone Lady Gaga

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
At what point will someone say to Gaga 'calm this shit down love & just sing'? #xfactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
Have a feeling GaGa didn't go to church today. Jesus be a fence. #Xfactor

@RobboRanx Robbo Ranx
Gaga is the devil..

@AraTheCoach Ara
i seen better costumes in school plays! cmon, this is #xFactor, suppose to be big budgets!

@Nyofficial Nyofficial
That costumes sick holding her own head #xfactor

@FunnyMissLondon Miss London Hughes
Lady Gaga doesn't suprise me anymore!!... She's done everything now! I'm not even shocked that she's wearing a headless woman!! #Xfactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @danilorum: Totally expecting Kitty to do a Lil Mama. #xfactor

@shach7 Meshach Broderick
“@LillyKayUK: Religious theme? Shes always tryna offend somebody...” <---She is one big long publicity stunt @EvadneyC Evadney How many complaints? Children given nightmare tonight. Not watershed yet. @Popjustice Popjustice That would have been better without the papier maché piggyback shit but over all 8.5/10 @madnewsblog Mad News Gaga can sing though ~X-Factor @AllysaRochelle Rochelle Robertson I have never spoken in tongues before, but I think after that performance it may be necessary.. #Xfactor @IamNads Nadine Stewart RT @Destinyfilms: *yawn* They should've just had One Direction do 2 songs man. Allow this Gaga shit. #Xfactor <-- This Kitty performs Judy Garland - Somehwere Over The Rainbow

Misha B performs Jessie J - Who You Are

Judges decide

Skip to 4:00mins then read below

@loudmouthmelvin Loudmouth Melvin
Kitty did pretty well for an unlikeable allegedly racist nutcase #xfactor

@kellya309 Kelly A
Fuck off Kitty.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@AllysaRochelle Rochelle Robertson
OMG!!!!! CRINGE!!!!


@WendiWrites Wendi Bekoe
Cringe cringe cringe cringe #Xfactor

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
Oh embarrassment

@madnewsblog Mad News
I can't.. Go home Kitty #X-Factor

@Iamdjb Barry Burt
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Kitty, go away.

@iamcoxhead Thomas Coxhead
Are they sending Kitty home home, or to a mental home?

Oh for fuck sake, go home you stupid bint!

@cleosol CleoSol

@MichelleShanti Michelle Owusu

@itsYasmin Yasmin

@studiopixie studiopixie
The way Dermot snatched back the mic! #DEAD #XFactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
Kitty was the X Factor equivalent of thrush; uncomfortable, unnecessary and wholly undignified.

@LetMeGiveAShit Sasha

@marvinjay Marvin Jay
I thought she was gonna reveal Damian from her fanny #xfactor

@afua Afua
Please Kitty. Stop.

@DSTldn D.S.T

@DapoCeo Dapo CEO
Not gonna lie, I thought kitty was gonna back off her top or something Lool

@DivaVonTease Suriyah Lopez
That girl is likes cockroach. After u been voted off y r u still singing

@SoFrolushes Mrs L.D.
Kitty just showed how desperate for fame she is #xfactor. she was so determined to sing that song huh

@bolaagbaje Bola Agbaje
RT @TwinTings: How funny would it be if Gaga came out & slapped Kitty for that

@abeislegend Pele Luis de Legend.
I won't lie, I thought Kitty was about to cast an incantation on the audience, as well as the nation. #XFactor

danwootton Dan Wootton
Gaga runs on stage to hug Kitty. Woah!!!!! That's huge! #xfactor

@LoukiaC Loukia
when im on x factor next year, if I dont win my finale will be an acapella of lady saw 'stab out the meat' in gary's FIT face.

@AllysaRochelle Rochelle Robertson
My mind is still trying to decipher what just happend on the stage when Kitty took the mic...

@madnewsblog Mad News
I am crying with laughter reading the tweets about Kitty #X-Factor


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