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Documentary about Jungle music in 1994

Shout out to Uche by way of Mista Jam . If I'm correct, Uche is Robbo Ranx's radio show producer so big up to him. I listen to that show every week. Thursday 10pm - 1am. Lock een Anybody that knows me or reads this knows I love reggae so naturally I love Jungle. Such a shame I was too young to go Telepathy, but praises to the most high and my parents I am lucky enough to have an older brother that showed me about Jungle from his days going to Telepathy. I spoke to Shy FX about them days at Tinie Tempah's #1 party last year. He looked at me like I was crazy 'cos he couldn't understand how I knew. Told him I know about them days through my brother. That put his mind at rest. In terms of UK music I think it's Garage > early Grime > Jungle > Dubstep > UK Funky >>>>>>>>>>>>> Bassline. Anything I didn't mention doesn't matter. Jungle may have been higher had I been of age to truly appreciate

Skepta + Wretch 32 = VIP

VIP = Very Important People Yesterday I tweeted : "A couple weeks back I was meant to tweet "Skepta and Wretch are the two most important artists this year". Dont ask why I didnt. I have now". Reason I didn't tweet it is because I forgot. I had a convo about my greatest tweets being the ones I forget. I tweet some nonsense with a couple gems. But back to the point, Skepta and Wretch 32 (three-two not turty-two) are the most important to the extension and development of this #TeamUK phase. If we look at it, the run has been Wiley ('Wearing My Rolex') + Ironik ('Stay With Me'), Tinchy Stryder + Chipmunk, then last year Tinie Tempah. Roll Deep and Dizzee fit in their somewhere kinda. Now we need someone else to carry the flag as an emerging artist. Those two, in my opinion are Skepta and Wretch. Wretch managed to score a #5 UK single with his debut effort Traktor. That isn't your average #TeamUK (basically UK urban music scene) single.

RIP Mr Bogle - 6th year anniversary

January 20th 2011 marks the 6th year anniversary of one of dancehall's most influential figures ever. Nah, scratch that, in popular music culture. Gerald Levy known to everybody as Mr Bogle (or Mr Wacky or simply Bogle) took dancing to astronomical heights. Not sure how his name came about but Jamaica National Hero Paul Bogle obviously influenced it in some way. Dancing is almost as necessary as the thumping riddims that serve as the soundtrack on the dance floors. To quote Serani ( when I interviewed him ) "Our music is called dancehall so it’s very, very, very influential. Without the dancing, our parties aren’t good. Whether it’s a new dance that we are doing or just moving and dancing, our music is no good. It has a strong influence" Although his presence wasn't felt vocally on record in the dance until shortly before his death, the dance moves were omnipresent. When you think of Jamaican dances what are the first ones that spring to mind? Bet I can tell you two

Buju concert video #FreeBuju

Buju Banton performed this past weekend in Miami. For those of you that may not know he was on trial for conspiracy to deal cocaine. The first trial ended in a mistrial because the jury couldn't reach a verdict innocent or guilty. The retrial is set for February I believe. While out on bail, babylon in Florida allowed him to perform a concert to help raise funds for his law fees. Highlights include guest performers showing support Tarrus Riley, Nadine Sutherland, Spragga Benz, Sean Paul, Gramps Morgan (Morgan Heritage)and Wayne Wonder: Here's footage of the concert. Sadly Beres Hammond couldn't make it due to his performance the night before at Rebel Salute. Heard he turned in a standard great performance Buju performing to sold-out 10k audience in Miami this past weekend: Think he was a bit overwhelmed by the occasion to be honest but I can't blame him. A whole year in jail. Possibility of a long time in prison. Still looms over his head really. He pos

Mavado interview on MTV WrapUp

Marvin Sparks recently spoke with Mavado about his new direction, musically, how success has changed his life, dealing with negative press, his charity giving back to his community and working with Jay-Z, exclusively for The Wrap Up Pic courtesy of Neil Raja . SICK Photographer yeah. Catch a little review of the December show there too. As you know I caught up with the Gaza general Vybz Kartel in December also. There was a little confusion over who worked with Jay-Z for the Blueprint 3. I spoke with both artists to sort out who it really was. Vybz Kartel spoke about the Gully vs Gaza feud being blown out of proportion.

Marvin Sparks: Dancehall Correspondent

Nice to get a big up every now and again. Sometimes when you're just reeling out work I'm sure we forget to actually see that (some of us) are doing something positive and useful. Well maybe that's just me. But I just see it as me doing me. Like this blog, getting positive comments on here and in person is still surreal because I still don't think people read it. I'm thankful for all of you though. *cringe* Anyway, onto what we are here for: Much Ado About Dancehall 2010 saw big improvements in dancehall’s UK media profile. The misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the music and culture will not be eradicated overnight, but increasingly the people writing about it actually knew what they were talking about. MTV and Marvin Sparks ran a series of in-depth interviews with key players in Jamaican dancehall, which has both generated and satisfied considerable bashment interest in the UK. Sparks ended the year publishing a two-part interview with the dominan

MeView: J Cole & Drake concertS

So yeah, wanted to do this yesterday. Didn't get the chance too. I wanted to let the blog breathe (kinda proud of my last post, still). Disclaimer: I did this in one take. Any grammatical errors are as a result of that. I wanted to bring it to you as soon as possible (hopefully that swings your emotion so you 'llow me). Over the weekend I was one of only a couple thousand people (if that) fortunate enough to see Drake at the Hammersmith Apollo then J Cole's sold out show at the intimate Koko in Camden. London obviously. Let me do this as I does it. Chapter and verse thing you see it #Poshment. I had my Drake tickets from last year April when the show was scheduled to be last year July. He canceled 'cos his mum had an operation or something. Think the album came out by that time but I had tix based on So Far Gone. So year goes by, his album has dropped, it's alright... Then J. Cole's named as support artist late last year. Me = overjoyed. Missed hi

Aidonia responds to my Kartel interview

First things first, if you haven't read the two previous parts of the Kartel interview (one of the only interviews he has ever done outside of Jamaican press), check . He talks success of Clarks, Major Lazer 'Pon Di Floor' collaboration, getting his work ethic from his father and writing for Bounty Killer. Part few (2) is about reinvention, I asked if he borrowed Mavado's style, about making x-rated songs when he has to make clean ones, he gives an exclusive about both his new album and the plans he has to work with Mavado On Thursday I made this post about a podcast by comical take on the interview. Now this Anyone that has followed my blog or knows me personally will know I say Aidonia is one of the baddest deejay's in Jamaica. To quote this post "What I will say is Aidonia is currently top 3 dance

Friggin Friday Fam

Tune of the Day: Mavado 'All Dem A Talk' Had a big conversation about what makes dancehall great. Came to the ultimate conclusion that is speaks for and to me. This is a great example. I listen to this and get gassed. He's talking for me. This songs about people watching and talking about/threatening me, but it doesn't mean anything 'cos I'm the baddest. It isn't even something I directly relate to but I feel like it. Dancehall EFX riddim is coming to done the world yeah. Mavado hasn't done a song like this in a while. Probably his best song in this vein since 'I'm So Special' (hate that song now. Overly rinsed). Mandem will get it straight away. Girls probably won't get it 'til it drops in a club and the mandem go mad. Casual fans will say "He's just repeating the same thing" until they hear it in a club. Metro's/hipsters or whatever them emotional hip hop/electro people are may never get it. Pic of the Day: S

Thought of Thursday

I really need to work on the titles for this. I will get there. Anyway, a few things that took my fancy to blog today. Gyptian acoustic session This is the bollocks! (means really good). Gyptian's got that sincerity in his voice with the raw vocals. Feeling it. He sings Hold You, Beautiful Lady and Nah Let Go. Nah Let Go sounds better like this and I like the song. Check my interview with Gyptian for MTV Wrap Up Whip My Hair songwriter disses Soulja Boy This is bollocks. Jacked from SBTV . If you don't know the background, Soulja Boy tweeted that he wrote the Willow Smith banger because he's on the credits. He is getting royalties because of the "Hop up out the bed turn my swag on" line and that is it. So the writer dissed Soulja Boy. Absolutely pathetic. WTF of the Day: Lil Wayne doesn't like dark skinned girls (allegedly) From Necole Bitchie via @Tahirah . This is disgraceful. So according to the email Lil Wayne (allegedly) got these girls

Podcast reaction to Marvin Sparks x Vybz Kartel

Another day, another Kartel post. I know "The sh*t is f**kin' ridicalus" (RZA voice) So if you've been following me on Twitter or read back previous posts you will know that I have been gassed since the day I interviewed Kartel early in December. I labeled it #LicenseToGas on Twitter because I knew I'd get gassed off the response. By the way, gassed doesn't mean I think I'm above it. I'm just overjoyed at the response by other fans. As I've said before, I'm a fan, so to get so much love from fans is great. No one else has done one like this and I feared it would get lost amongst all the Kartel vs Beenie talk + Kartel vs Laing, hence the delay in promotion. No other journalist in UK has ever managed to interview him. Just in case you never knew. Kartel doesn't do interviews with international press more time. Just throwing it out there for those that aren't familiar with dancehall. It's like tracking down Jay-Z in the dancehall worl

Thoughts of Wednesday

Vybz Kartel 'Dancehall Hero' This song has been in my head for obvious reasons. This tune mad. If you don't get why he bleaches, you need to understand who Kartel is. Listen to what he is saying in this tune. Kartel wants people to discuss him. That's all it is. And this song is gonna done in England in 2011 Aidonia 'Nuh Par Wid' (Kartel diss) This is another song that has been in my head for obvious reasons. 'Donia and Kartel need to clash. As a fan, I think the two of them would go all the way on each other. Two of the best badman lyricists in the business. 'Donia fulla lyrics from morning. The riddim mad too. Listen to how he rides it. The control dancehall artists have on a riddim is far superior to rappers. They know how to ride a riddim. Not even spitting double-time or half-time, it's spot on. Listen to Aidonia and Kartel work together? Lyrics upon lyrics Throwback Tune of the Day: Mike Jones featuring Slim Thugg and Paul Wall 

Marvin Sparks: "I gut thuh innanet gowin nutz"

Well, it's a Paul Wall bar really (remember him? I actually interviewed him in about '08 for an album that never dropped lol). But this has nothing to do with him. Remember this post where I spoke to Kartel for a straight fan to artist conversation discussing other artists he has problems with? Well, it exploded yesterday. As I had a feeling it would. Hold tight @missjaylouise , told her about the amount I juice I got on the day. She knows. Also 'ang tight my social-net-less bredrins too (Yeah, can you believe they exist in 2011? Who'd have thought it? I remember talking about us flying cars by 2010 from back in 1997. Didn't quite happen, but yeah, people not on social-networks is weird). First off I'm gonna address the Kartel bleaching argument. Listen to Dancehall Hero (This tune is sick!) If you don't get why he bleaches, you don't understand who Kartel is. Listen to what he is saying in this tune. Kartel just wants people to discuss him. Th

Weeeeeeee baaack

Took a Christmas break but we back... Fly in the sk- the sk- on the floor? This is nuts! All I can say is... actually I'll let Mavado answer that Skepta tatto Bit over the top, no? But who cares when he makes bangers like this? Kelly. Wow. Is that you? *exhales* Has Kelly Rowland ever looked this sexy ? She was always girl next door for me. But this? This? Jeeez Nabbed from ThatGrapeJuice . Go there for more pictures. I just can't post anymore. Ok just one more Gooocheee UPDATE: Gucci Mane checks into a mental institution after entering a plea of mental incompetency for his recent legal issues. Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane made headlines in November for violating parole when he was arrested for several driving infractions, and subsequently charged with damaging government property and obstruction of property. The Brick Squad 1017 leader was fresh out of prison from drug-related convictions. Gucci Mane trying to pull a fast one so he gets off