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Mz Bratt 'Selecta'; Battle of Patois

Mz Bratt appears to have realised the old style wasn't working, so adopted a faux-Yardie style (Jamaican accent). When all else fails, record over a banging beat and spit Yardie? Beat knocks! Kinda reminds me of Donaeo's 'Riot Music', think it's the bass pattern. But anyway, Bratt sounds a bit of an amalgamation of MIA, Lady Dynamite (Miss Dynamite was the singer she turned into), and Stush. Maybe it's all a bit too easy for me to compare her with most of the other popular females who used the accent, but hey, it's true. Not only that, but I noticed a couple of inconsistencies with the patois. You may remember an earlier blog post - when I say earlier, I mean last year - where I broke down the eating vegetable song 'Are You Gonna Yam'... yes YAM *shakes head*. Jamaican's do not pronounce 'selecta' ' si -lec-ta', it's more 'SA-leck-ta', nor do they say "Reload fi dat". That doesn't actually make sense

1 call shutdown these FUNKing raves [audio]

What's a "struzzy" though? Did she mis-hear Giggs/SN1 and them say strally and think "This must be what the kids say nowadays. Let me use it to sound more convincing"? In my experience, I haven't head "struzzy" before. And Star Gang? Misheard or just finished listening to Juelz Santanna mention Skull Gang? Once again, I could be wrong but I haven't heard of a Star Gang. As I tweeted yesterday, I'm only a badman in tweets (not the streets), but I can't imagine badman using loudspeaker when sorting out plans to shoot someone. Anyway, I don't need to question the validity of her claims, 'cos I think everyone know's she's lying. Naming a DJ is badmind. That could lead to police wathcing his name, possibly blacklisting him resulting in raves he's at in the area getting locked off as a result. We know how babylon carry on with "urban" events. So yeah, forget questioning her story (she does look a bit alrig

New Nike World Cup Advert x Flashback Friday

[Shouts to @mrviews aka 1Xtra royalty] I've been impatiently waiting to see what Nike have to offer for this years World Cup advert. Features appearances from Nike's elite footballers, and a few other special guests. Scheduled to be shown during the Champions League final, which for the first time in my life is on a Saturday. Yes, that plank Platini moved it from its usual Wednesday spot. WASTEMAN! Incredible!!! I love this! Not for the same reason I loved the classics that you'll see further on in this post. What this lacks in the skills department, it more than makes up for in stroyline, cinematography, comedy, and cameos. Thought I'd turn this into the first Flashback Friday for the year. I enjoyed those, may pick it back up again. Check out the one I did on 90s adverts here Not sure if everyone can relate, but to me the star power of footballers has dwindled in comparison to the old days (90's). I'd say that's mainly down to the fact we see most

The Beauty Trick

I don't think I usually blog this sort of thing (vlog's) 'cos more time I don't see the point unless I have something to add. Hold tight Christiana aka hammer (always hits the nail on the head) spitting some real talk You know when someones talking, you know they're saying something, but you get distracted 'cos you can't help staring at the lips? (Disclaimer: that may or may not be related to the video above *black man blush = poker face*). But yeah, she's speaking sense. Agree with every point. For more inspirational blogs check especially the one about living your dreams Random question; if a butters girl made this vlog, would you listen or put it down to hating?

Kasha 'Black Rhyme'

You most probably thought "who? What?" when you saw the topic title, and I would too. I was emailed this track (thank you), thought it sounded alright, nice little video so here I am posting it. Despite sounding like he listens to a lot of Common, and American then English, it's an alright tune don't you think? Let me know. If you wanna send me tunes/videos . Without sounding too much like some big wig or primmadonna, if you appreciate my opinion and would like feedback on your tunes holla at me. If I like I'll post it, if not, I'll email you telling you what I don't like. People do actually ask for feedback so you won't be alone. I won't go in on your tune on the blog either lol

When 50 Cent met Reggie

I am still a big fan of 50 Cent, don't like his music much, but I'm a fan of him. He always does the best interviews. Forget Jay-Z, he aight, but 50's that guy. Check him out speaking on Drake false "organic" buzz, Lil Wayne's fraud rhymes, doing in 6 what it ook others (Jay & Diddy) to do in 15 & 20 years to and more Don't agree with everything he says (can't remember which bits I didn't feel were accurate), but he always raises valid points other rappers don't 1. because he doesn't give a damn & 3. he understands the game better than most. Shouts to Reggie Yates. I think this was on MTV in US. Move that fraud Tim Kash out. You may like my "50 Cent's new single... do we care" I wrote back when Baby By Me was released

Congrats to Scorcher

Last night Scorher "the Skywalker" announced on Mista Jam's 1Xtra show that he has signed to Geffen. Big look! Bet you're wonder "Marvin Sparks doesn't usually blog things like this" and you'd be right in thinking that. The reason for this post is because I can Mwuahahahahaha *evil laugh*. Nah but on a real I reckon Scorcher would make a good UK version of LL Cool J. Girls love him, so he should do what Trey Songz finally learned, play into the sex symbol. More in this vein (with better beat choice), and he could be on the way to a successful career. (Wizzy Wow looks like Manny Norte alie? Google images him) Badman don't write no homo. If you think this is, go Doctor's and ask him what's going on with you. And on a metro tip, this song still weirds me out

Sadie Ama & others 'Womans World' [vid]

Selah featuring Sadie Ama & Mz Bratt - Woman's World (produced by Davinche) When I first heard this song I sung "All I wanna know, when's the video!" (melody of Funky Dee's 'R U Gonna Bang'). I don't really feel it that much, maybe 'cos I can't relate? Or 'cos it isn't a Woman's World? (#noChauvo). What does Sadie mean by "Base me"? Oh, and don't be fooled by the title, I actually feel Bratt and Selah. I remember Selah's tune 'Lose Control' from about 2005. If you can find it, acquire it. That reminds me Sometimes by Baby Blue was a big tune too (Selah sung on the hook). I like Bratt's personality on Twitter. She have a nice vibe; seems like a nice, cool chick you could jam with. Check my interview with Dee (aka Davinche), Perempay and Sadie's sister, Shola. Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to show my support and appreciation of these fly, young, females doing a lot w

The-Dream covers One In A Million

Yes, you read correctly It isn't bad cover in all honesty, but come on, that's like The Game covering 2Pac's California Love or a bunch of artists from the UK doing Juicy... oh wait The video I actually wanted to use as an example of a poor cover has been made private on YouTube. That video was Roll Deep (currently #1 on UK singles chart) rapping over Wu-Tang's classic 'C.R.E.A.M.' - utter shambles. Anyway, back to the point of this post, it wasn't a terrible cover, wasn't exactly good either, but it is an untouchable song which then kind of gives the impression that it is a terrible cover. The-Dream isn't exactly everyone's favourite as it is. Didn't The-Dream see the Facebook group in protest against the Queen Beyonce covering this very song? What did he expect? I wonder what people would have said if Trey Songz did it... Examples of songs that shouldn't have been touched I went on to rate Blue, but it took me a long time to g

Funky; 1 Good, 1 Bad

Thought I'd rework Match of the Day 2's 2 Good, 2 Bad for this post I've dubbed 1 Good, 1 Bad (see what I did there!? Wasn't that creative I know). Uh-oh... I haven't done what I'm about to do in about 5 months. Despite being presented with several opportunities, I resisted the urge to blog about bad songs but here goes... Haynzy ft Aidonia & Crazy Cousinz - Thinkin' Bout Me Well that was shit! What happened to Crazy Cousins anyway? They fell off after remixing their own beats got stale. Still haven't got a new style? Inflation was a big instrumental last year. That's right last year. Why has it been vocalled (whenever), video recorded and released to torture us this year? So let's do the maths; 2 people in Crazy Cousins + Aidonia + engineer = 4 people. Now that's 4 people that couldn't tell the guy his singing is a bit flat. Bad mind. And as for the video, this didn't do anything to disprove the fact girls rarely look se

Drake 'Find Your Love' video

Was in two minds about posting this, cos what am I posting it for? This won't be the first time you've seen it, and it's on every other blog. I like this song All I posted it for is to ask if it's me alone that thinks Mavado look extra dark? Come like some good vs. evil, light vs. dark. He's dark but he looks Hollywood voodoo dark. I don't actually care about this whole "painting a bad picture of Jamaica". I can see where the complaints come from, but I just took it as anything really. Admittedly it would have been nice to show a nicer side. Ah whatever... Maybe my thoughts were distracted by the fact Drake finally did a good video. UPDATE Thanks to the annoymous commentator who pointed out my incorrect title. That explains why I initially searched the incorrect video on YouTube to start with. Thanks p.s. I did the correct vid in the tags section though. Weird

Fredi Kruga - Money

UK rapper Fredi Kruga is back. I remember him being one of the only UK rappers Tim Westwood supported in the days UK rappers weren't cool. Check out his new single 'Money' featuring iamCAM and Young Dizzy from his mixtape 'Beginning of the End' 'MONEY' (The Goons Edit) by KRUGA This tune is alright still; not great, not shit. Got that undeniable South bounce guaranteed to have the freshie ballers in their Ed Hardy or other random garish clothing up around their tables, whilst the "models" drink their champagne. Despite the fraudulent Lil' Wayne sounding guy (who is he? Why is he there?), Yankee on the hook, surprisingly and thankfully Fredi kept his accent UK. What you reckon of this tune ya? For more info:

How To Dance to Reggae... Yeah right

Just came across this linked to a song I listened to on YouTube. Followed by this comment "So disappointed by these lessons. He needs to take that jamaican flag off his chest and put a san franscisco one, cuz this ain't reggae- its just gae." Couldn't help but laugh. Dance like that in a club, people will look and laugh Type "How to dance reggae dancehall" in YouTube to laugh at some more. Trained dancers are usually too technical to dance to reggae/dancehall. That's all folks

Eminem & Jay-Z announce joint concert

Yeah, you read correctly Eminem has announced that he is to team up with Jay-Z for two "once-in-a-lifetime" concerts. The 'Smack That' singer revealed that he will perform with the hip-hop mogul at each of their hometowns - Detroit and New York - in September. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime set of shows, and I know we're both really going to bring it to our hometowns," Billboard quotes Eminem as saying. "The fans are going to love this and so am I. It's going to be historic." Both artists made the announcement ahead of a New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers baseball game, each wearing the jerseys of their home teams. Eminem explained: "We had talked about doing something together again soon anyway. We just tried to come up with the best way and biggest way to do it. We've done things together - smaller shows and whatnot. But I'm not sure we've ever done anything this big." Jay-Z added: "I look for opportuniti

Funk Butcher & Shea Soul 'Pull Me Close'

Brought to you by UK funky DJ/producer @FunkButcher , features the soulful vocals from Shea Soul (appeared on last year's smash Make It Funky For Me by Attaca Pesante) on this seductive UK Funky banger. I can just see it now; the anti-social UK Funky females 2-stepping in circles around the room with their female friends, while the mandem dance in their own circle holding each others shoulders, gazing into each others eyes and all the other weird stuff that goes on when UK funky's played. I'll be the dude by the wall/edge of the dancing circle, tapping my feet, nodding my head with a glass of Lemonade taking in the vibes until the bashment comes on. Ladies need to let a man dance with them to a song like this. This way less men will fight. Idle minds in a club filled with gym-going, uni loan balling dudes, draped Gucci, drinking water/apple juice from Hennesy/Grey Goose/champagne bottles, topped off with anti-social females is a recipee for disaster. Bring back turn arou

John Barnes raps a quick 16

Shouts to @1msbell , and Mikill Pane (I hear he's a rapper but he's a funny tweeter @MikillPane ), got football legend and leng man MC John Barnes to spit a quick 16. Well it's the classic bars from World In Motion for England's 1990 World Cup bid. Haul and pull it up my selector!

Aidonia 'We A Take It Off'

Lifted from Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor's new riddim Catalog (harrrd riddim), this is currently my anthem So many good pieces on this riddim. I would blog them, but I can't be arsed. Honesty is the best policy. What I will say is Aidonia is currently top 3 dancehall artists right now. Let's see how long it takes these punk DJs over here in the UK to realise. Yeah, I always lick out against these punks, but with good reason.

BNP vs Asian Youts = Arms House [Vid]

Hahahahaha the BNP mandem wrapped up the Asian dudes! Vote BNP, they're giving 50 bags to get rid of blacks #RandomQuestion but was the nursery rhymes "Baa baa black sheep" a racist song on a sly? I got to that from "50 bags" to "blacks" = "black sheep" "yes sir, yes sir 3 bags full. 1 for the master..."

Alex Mills - A64

Yes another post brought to you by SBTV created content I wouldn't like to get her mad for her to punch me (you seen the size of her shoulders?), but she has a soulful voice on her. I remember a session she did on Tim Westwood with the breast in the buiz Ny and someone else. Thought Ms Mills sounded like Amy Winehouse back then. If there's one difference, it's definitely size. I'm sure Alex Mills is on the Blame featuring Ruff Sqwad (Tinchy and dem man) song. If not, here's the song anyway.

Am I Gonna Vote Doe?

Inspired by this Cut The Chat spesh, presented by Christiana (check out her blog . I call her Hammer 'cos she's always on point) and the dude from Adulthood that had the constant screw face. My friend said he looked like he was holding a wasp prisoner in his mouth. Not me, I said my friend. Anyway, his name is Femi O supm supm another (Onyiran? Oyinran?). And yeah they take to the streets to ask people their reasons for and against voting. Anyway, 6th May = Election where we vote for the po-lie-trick-cian dem a.k.a. politician. I always vote so don't holla at me, but I question why I vote. People say "If you don't vote, you can't complain" or "This is your chance to make a difference" but is that h'acktually true? I can kinda understand the latter, but not the former. I can't complain either way! Well I can, but it won't change anything. To me the former is similar to the old "If you haven't got anything to hide, why com

Fat Joe feat Jeezy 'Ha Ha (Slow Down)' [vid]

One of the only hip-hop songs I'm feeling right now. Been banging this for a couple months now. Funny how Fat Joe opens with "It took A. Keys and Jay to get New York City poppin now" on a New York sounding hip-hop beat, after he defected to Miami when the south was popping. Chief! Didn't Young Jeezy drop the Young or am I making that up?

Tinie Tempah 'Frisky'

I'm sure most of you have heard it, so don't see this as me being maaaaad late. Second single from Tinie Tempah. Now, erm, well, hmm... I like it but... like it's really fun sounding and stuff but... you know... like, haven't I heard it somewhere before? Oh yeah, that's right "I'm doing me", nah I'm playing. Lemme start again I like this song but it sounds like Pass Out. Now in an earlier post I wrote celebrating Pass Out reaching number 1 I wrote Now, everyone is wondering what T's follow-up will sound like? Will it be Pass Out part 2? What about a formulaic sound we've seen used by the likes of Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder (as UK producer Dready said, many artists probably wouldn't buy their own records)? Pass Out was only meant to serve as a demo single, but grew out of control. Obviously why it doesn't sound like any other urban artists song. Prior to Pass Out we mainly knew Tinie for songs like Wifey and Tears before (basi