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MOBO Aftermath

If you read this expecting a UK Funky Live review mach II, you'll be disappointed. Still good but erase that from your mind now, then proceed to read! MOBO's took place last night in Glasgow's SECC. Usually produces many talking points. We all cuss the awards but watch it every year. I compared the MOBO's to watching Mike Tyson hoping he'll be that ferocious fighter again. Then I realised it was more like Audley Harrison and hoping they just get their act together for once. We all saw it, so this is just my take on the event. Keri Hilson looked banging!!! Did she present well? Hardly remember her presenting. Didn't embarrass herself at all. Reggie Yates? Hmm... not sure I take him seriously. He's like the corny established guy at work who mainly goes around with the managers but thinks he cool 'cos he knows a couple slang terms (and 'cos he has melanin he can be around the urban crew). Sorry mate, I see your facade. Didn't do badly, just remi

Bashy Interview x New Video 'Life'

Bashy took time out of his busy schedule to speak to about his new video Life, the accusations of being “anti-white ‘cos I’m pro-black”, how Tnchy Stryder’s mainstream success helps independent artists like him and the power of the MOBO Awards. Marvin Sparks: The video for new single Life was released last week; receiving a lot of positive feedback and is one of the best UK music videos I’ve seen for a while. How did the concept for the video come about? Bashy: The director got in contact with us. He did a video for me called ‘I See People’ off the whim - no one asked him to do it or anything he just did it off his own back, so I was like ‘Rahh, the video’s sick!’ I couldn’t believe it really that someone did that. When the album came out I said I’m going to definitely hit him up for one of the tracks on the album, one of the more serious toned ones. From there, he did us a little shoot. At first I was like ‘What is he talking about? Some jigsaw.’ But me I’m open-minded

UK Funky Live: my response to Twitter

Alright, alright, alright, I'm getting messages from people about people cussin my review, but sadly I'm not following most of the people to see what's being said. Twitter only allows 140 characters so I couldn't respond properly anyway. The aim of this is to clear up some misinterpretations behind my post. Firstly, I may not be a UK Funky Junkie but believe I listen to it. I don't like some songs, I like some songs, same with any genre. And as with a lot of urban genres I endorse it here - more than I do hip-hop and R&B. I've given Funky Dee ratings for Are You Gonna Pass Doe (someone many don't like/rate), recommended Fuzzy Logik and big'd up Funk Butcher , I even wrote "Once again they neglected the UK Funky movement" in a blog about the MOBO's (click to read) but I've also said when I don't feel it's good ( only time I remember is this Hotsteppa tune ). Hater = someone who criticises without substance or logic. Can

UK Funky Live review

Caution: this is no holds barred! Leave your feelings behind. WARNING: contains a lot of sarcasm. Not everything is serious. After you've read this read my post addressing the Twitter backlash by artists Alright so, I made my way down to the prestigious Wembley for the much-discussed (in small circles) UK Funky Live. I'll start with my journey. Why the rass TFL love do tube works on lines that I need?! I never ever use the stinkin Metropolitan line; the colour's sheg and I don't business bout the destinations since o2 Arena came to dun Wembley's dance, but the one time I need it, they decide to ramp wid da ting KMT. Had to travel on one stupid Rail Replacement Bus on some fly-overs. Didn't start well. Got to the venue at about 7.15 maybe, show was scheduled to start at 7 (don't know if it did), see couple man stuntin' near the backstage entrance in Range's and Mer

Real Badman Never Afraid... Pop chat

Had a little thing called Ain't Afraid To Say I Like , but as stated previously I didn't really like the title. From this day forth this section is called Real Badman Never Afraid . For the record, I am not a badman like some hoodlum or anything. In this instance, a badman is someone who stands up for himself, kicking down the barriers of stereotype, prejudice and eradicates all division (read that with triumphant music playing in your head and you will get some sick visuals). Too many people in this world front; blare some hardcore gangsta hip-hop or the latest grunky (grime x funky) riddims, but when the windows are up don't be fooled, they are listening to Magic, Heart or Smooth. Today I will be talking some pop tunes that I've finally caught up on. N-Dubz - I Need You Anyone who has asked will know I'm a fan of the N-Dubz and their movement. They are most probably the only act I get excited about but I don't play their songs often or even many of their

Mavado talks Vybz Kartel and more

Winford is Jamaica's King of Entertainment. His weekly show Entertainment Report is a must-see each Friday on CVM I'll be honest I don't know what channel this show comes on, guessing it's the same channel but (The Rock voice) "It doesn't matter!" First of two part; Tells of incident where his Range Rover shot up outside his house Breakdown of friendship with DJ Foota Hype (click to see Foota Hype's Mavado changed by money allegations) Badmind, grudgeful and envious people (had to throw that in) In part 2 Mavado speaks His charity in schools Gully vs. Gaza fighting in schools Names his favourite Vybz Kartel song International collaborations with hip-hop and R&B A-list Speaks to the youths Anyone who knows me personally knows I always said Mavado will beome the biggest thing from dancehall since Sean Paul (I endorse Damian Marley but he isn't from the dancehall scene). I am proud to hear he is working with those big-name artists such as Drak

Exclusive Joe Interview

Having been in the industry for almost 2 decades, Joe Thomas produced classic ballads, slow jams and club-bangers as well as critically-acclaimed albums. During his career he has received numerous nomintations for BET and Grammy Awards, sold millions of records and certified as an R&B legend. Unlike many from his generation Joe is still finely churning out the best love songs that everyone can relate to shown in this new album entitled Signature. Maintaining his trademark style he also brings fresh newness to the table, with bonus tracks and features from The Game, Mario and Trey Songz! spoke to the 7-time Grammy-nominated artist Joe Thomas to mark the release of his new single Majic taken from new album Signature. The R&B legend speaks about Jazmine Sullivan being the new Aretha Franklin, compares this generation to the 90s, declares himself “The new Frank Sinatra of the game” and whether he’s achieved everything he wanted to. Marvin Sparks: Once again Joe wi

DJ Frass - Survivor + Clearance riddims

Feeling this riddim. Produced by Mavado's new DJ Frass (the one since he booted Foota Hype). Einstein and Flexxx have improved dramatically. Flexxx has learnt to structure his bars (used to ram too many words), 'Stein has put that rapid-fire style to bed, also switched the gun talk for talk average Joe can relate to. Mavado kills it with yet another ghetto gospel. Jury's still out on Chase Cross for me. Gully Squad are gonna be a tough match for Vybz Kartel's Gaza/Portmore Empire in 010. Let's see how many start screaming Gully again Clearance riddim is hard as well. Came out from before summer, is a mesh of dancehall x hip-hop, but so what? 'twas killing it in Jamaica. Mavado's piece being the strongest with Chase Cross in a close second. Bounty Killer drew for the big ting dem. Even Munga managed to pull one out of the bag here. It sounds better sped up For the video:

Sway's new song... do we care?

This is the first of a 2 part I have. Wrongly gambled on the other video being released first lol. Disclaimer: To anyone who reads the title believing this will be full of hate, erase that now then proceed to read with an open mind. It's a question. The facts are the facts but majority is based on my opinion and knowledge gathered from opinions of other I have heard. I was late on Sway. Them times I never paid any attention to UK rap. Grime was the ting for UK music, so I like many were first introduced to UK Hip-Hop through Sway. First time I heard him was on Terri Walker's remix of Whoopsie Daisy (can't find the audio) which (I just found out) is taken from This Is My Promo vol. 2. I've never listened to either of the popular mixtapes. Cuss me in your head all you want it's the truth, I still wasn't into this UK Rap/Hip-Hop thingy. Anyway, he killed it with his witty punchlines, unusual punctuation and phrasing, strange nasally voice (something that was an

Middle class English gentleman x Jay-Z

Despite all the coverage in the media and plethora of material provided during this "All hail Jay-Hova" period we are living in, you haven't seen much Jay-Z related content on here. Why would you want to? You see it everywhere else. He doesn't bring out any emotion in me so I don't feel the need if I'm honest. However this made me angry (can't embed) to start with I was actually going to blog a whole rant about this middle-class ignoramus, but I can't say I blame him for his opinion on Hip-hop "becoming boring" or deeming it "violent & sexist" because in many cases it is. On top of that the music promoted for the longest while has been based on the negative aspects. It was also good that, indidrectly, he gave Jay-Z space to clear up misunderstanding about the negative subject matter in order for him to bring some reality and reasoning behind the situation. I know from ho

Mayweather vs Marquez - review(ish)

Not really a review. If you saw the fight you saw it was a one-sided shut out on the cards. As I predicted in the previous blog post Mayweather won on points. Didn't turn out to be as competitive as one would have hoped but such is life. Marquez was valiant in effort but came up short, mainly down to the lightening quick Mayweather in both attack and defence. Sky's commentary team of Adam Smith and Jim Watt should be told they are never to perform indecent acts on TV. The fellatio was a lot! Now to the real story. I was mistaken when I said Marquez was a 3-weight world champion, he's only 2. He jumped up 2 weight classes ( from Lightweight bypassing Light-Welter to fight at Welter) to fight Mayweather at a weight Marquez had never fought at when the two met last night - yes TWO weights to fight the man ranked pound-4-pound best in the world. So taking that into consideration, why was Mayweather overweight? Why did he have to pay a $600k fine for being overweight? Well we

Mayweather vs. Marquez

Music isn't my only love; another is boxing. Ideally I would have updated this from Tuesday so it would have been in easily digestible bites but I forgot. This is the 5th series (if I recall correctly)of the popular 24/7 filmed 4 weeks leading up to the big fight. 24/7 provides the viewer with an in-depth look into the gruelling training sessions, reveals both fighters personality outside of the fearless bastard they are in the ring, relationships in the training camp and family, and everything in between. Shot and edited immaculately, it almost looks like a movie. If you can't tell it's fair to say I love these shows. Great way to build profiles and (or in my case add to) anticipation for the showdown as well as provide casual arm chair fans a look at the smaller named fighter. 24/7 played a big role in making Mayweather the big marquee name he is now. At the top of the century 'Money' May was struggling to attract big pay days he felt he deserved. Fast forwar