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Bounty Killer vs Vybz Kartel - Father vs. Son

Unlike Ele vs Flippa this war actually has substance. If you don't know here's a brief:

  • After being written a few songs by said artist, Bounty Killer (Killa) introduces and mentors (sons) Vybz Kartel
  • Kartel appeared & performed at Beenie Man (Killer's arch-enemy since 190-long) wedding
  • Kartel declares emancipation from Bounty Killer-led Alliance camp stressing the need to grow his own wings to fly
  • Killer calls Kartel ungrateful
  • Mavado and Kartel war begins, Killer makes a whole heap of subliminal songs directed at Kartel...

Kartel has made a few songs directly dissin Killer, but Killer never really outright replied causing many and even Kartel (Click for Vybz Kartel dissin Alliance "Suck pu**y Killer can't diss me") to suspect the once fearless Killer was running scared of the 'War Angel' aka Gaza yout' Vybz Kartel.

Killer finally plucked up the courage to send shots at Kartel

But most notably with Chatta Box

Vybz Kartel allegedly missed a booking in Turks & Caicos to make a reply to Chatta Box

Bounty Killer drops another one

Streets is saying Killer has the lead. The dynamic of this clash is completely different to Mavado vs. Kartel last year. Both artists were at the top of the game, one a singjay, the other a deejay. Nobody really gave Mavado a chance due to his style.

However this time around we have two deejays Killer and him sons Kartel. I recently heard Kartel call Beenie his Uncle (I think it was) so I still think he regards Killer as "di dads". Killer, unlike previous battles, most notably Merciless, comes into this the underdog. His career in desperate need of CPR because to be honest he hasn't had much recent success and many would argue that he lives of yesteryear and Mavado's name. Kartel on the other hand, has most of Jamaica screaming "Gaza mi seh" including many artists (Flippa Mafia, Beenie Man and even Usain Bolt ahead of 100m semi-finals in Berlin), there isn't anyone in the game with a big enough name who possess the war lyrics to dethrone him - but is Killer that man? I don't think this will be settled until Sting.

In my humble opinion, despite the talent of the two artists, neither have produced songs which equal a patch on Mavado vs. Kartel on the Self Defence, Drumline and Powercut riddims respectively. I'll keep you updated.

But what makes this funny is little over 3 weeks before this, Killer was on TVJ (TeleVisionJamaica) talking to Winford about Mavado and Kartel need to hold a treaty, yet he himself is now immersed in war with Kartel *insert confused face*. Maybe he was high on life after reversing the boo's at last year's SumFest to having one of the best received performances of the night.

p.s. Yes, yes I know the initial hype behind these tunes were over the weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to post. My apologies

UPDATE 19/10/2009

Whallaloadacobblas?! Waste of time diss. Never thought I'd say this but maybe Kartel should stick to girl tunes!

*UPDATE 22/10/09

Bomboclaaart Bounty returns fire, this time he takes aim at Beenie Man as well for his "Them say them money nuff, but my money stock and piling up" sublim @ Mavado.

This one mad when you take the previous ones into consideration. I still think Bounty is winning on wax. All of Kartel tunes have been poor barring maybe the first. I still don't think this war has produced anything other than filler tunes. Shame really. The reworked names of Gaza were quite chuckle-worthy

UPDATE 26/10/2009

Kartel replies to dispel rumours of his pierced tongue.

More chat of sodomy. Kartel lame. At least he stuck to what he seems to be best at these days - singing with Autotune. Lack of melodies displayed with Virginity melody re-licked again.

What a shit war. Please Jah make them stop cutting songs. Just wait til Sting.

UPDATE 27/10/09

Bounty Killer replies. Yet again talking about Beenie Man, why? Bounty's "song writers" must be going into overdrive right now. Maybe he has them like Santa has elves.

Not feeling this one either. Why's he spitting so fast? Is because Claude Mills said his flow sounded old skool? None of these tunes have been difinitive of the clash. Can't see any being remembered. Lame war

*UPDATE 28/10/2009

Vybz Kartel makes home video for Nuh Bore Tongue

You know what, this tune's kinda catchy. By the end I find myself singing along to the chorus. Couldn't tell you who is winning this war. I just want them to 'llow it 'til Sting then face-to-face warring

UPDATE 19/11/09

Ok, so I was slightly late on this (internet days = real day months) Mavado sends shots at Vybz Kartel

From what I remember hearing, there will not be a rematch at Sting this year. Quite frankly, I wouldn't like to see a re-run, however, I do feel Mavado will fair better if they were to go toe-to-toe again. Better than before I mean.

I put the above video here as I didn't feel it was worthy of a new post for anyone wondering.

*UPDATE* 22/11/2009

Vybz Kartel replies to the above Mavado

Boring! He's still on this barber ting? I'm sure I've heard this same concept of you don't buss guns at least 3 times before. He really isn't good at this clashing ting is he? YAWN. He always seems to answer Mavado within 2 days (albeit with the same old concept), but long for Killa... does this mean peace at Usain Bolt's party is called off before it even happens?

But did he really draw Stephen into this? Like really? WOW! I can NOT believe he said that. And he's finally opened the door for Aidonia to enter the clash. Two of the baddest lyricist's in the game.

Ahh well, time to rub out the bleacher. Getting to big for his Clarks. Next tune I hope to post is Mavado & Aidonia produced by Stephen.

UPDATE 22/11/09

Going back, I've just discovered this Aidonia. Obviously what Kartel replying too

Who will actually be clashing at Sting? Goofy vs the enigma a.k.a. LA Lewis and who else? Kartel gonna take Merciless' place and clash 3 man one time?

UPDATE 23/11/09

Aidonia voices on what appears to be the war ground riddim for this battle, dubbed Israel (geddit? The whole Gaza strip debate in the real Gaza is between Palestine and ISRAEL!)

Indirect response to Kartel stating he is the "real Lord evil". Hmmm... we want but I guess Kartel threw a subliminal, so Donia is responding with one. Sting will be WARM this year. One lyricist will get rub out.


  1. hey, i dont tink kartel has the courage to clash bounty, regardless of wat ppl say bout killer, that his time pasted him i doubt it, he's still bringing out new talent and is second to none and still is seen as a icon, just mek a duppy was a biggg tune!!! and i dont tink kartel want to clash bounty, cuz i tink bounty can done him career ah sting!

  2. sting sell off the year. the war is on. I have my money on kartel. capricorns are real warriors. they fight to death

  3. Kartel has Lyrical talent but very inexperienced clashing on stage. Clash is not about how much lyrics you have , it's about how well u can use them live on stage(notice how Kartel struggled with Movado at Sting Last year despite the end result). This is why people like Merciless have remained relevant in clashes despite not producing a hit song in a decade. Bounty Killer has a 20 year catalogue of war tunes and if he picks the right songs he will Desecrate Kartel's Misguided clash ambitions. The entire Gaza family is at their most vulnerable , with the leaked pornographic material , bore tounge rumours etc. They will make an easy target this year. If kartel is as clever as his lyrics, he should find a way of avoiding war this year ....

  4. alliance run d werl vbyz sketel career don long now n it with b 100% done now at sting..fagisha d batty teach fe bill pon d plaza him n him fag uncle fishine..gully to d fucking werl


  6. kartel a modern day song killa bounty a d past kartel a d present dem should never klash at sting but link up back and mek jamaica proud and help the youths them jamaica mi seh from belize

  7. gully run the world an alliance run de universe kartel ah pussy

  8. i think that bounti kartel beenie and mavado should come together and make the youths see the with togetherness any thing can come through and stop the war.

  9. Alliance mi seh, if u nah like it fuck out. If u nah knw kartel a bleach bore him tongue plus he nah brush him teeth. wat a stink batty boy, from Guyana Hakeem


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