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Some recent Jamaican videos fi di i-dem

Quick updates on some videos for songs I'm feeling Keznamdi dropped a well shot video for acoustic jam "I Don't Wanna" for the ladies them. Catch this one on the 'Bridging the Gap' EP. Kabaka Pyramid reverts to a more hip hop vibe with "Liberal Opposer", but importantly, retains his Jamaican identity. Video shot during his time in London. Can't go wrong with fire pon babylon. "Pon di battlefield, I'm a rebel with a cause. Never pause Babylon ah devil" Mavado "Tie Yuh" on the impressive Sex Mate riddim is one of the best gal songs Mavado has done in a bit. Wicked melody on the chorus. Second half of the video is the best Mavado gal song in recent time for me, "Friends With Benefits". Same speed as "fire pon babylon" songs, you can't go wrong with sexy dancehall. Busy Signal demonstrates flows upon flows on "Bou-Yah". Ok, so its a Mavado diss subliminal, but ignoring that b