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Some of my favourite Reggae / Jungle tunes

So basically, I came across this song by Congo Natty called "UK Allstars" featuring General Levy, Top Cat, Daddy Colonel, Tippa Irie, Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy and Sweetie Irie yesterday on Noisey. They also posted an interview with him too where he chats sense. I liked this question and answer: How did jungle emerge as a genre in the late 80s? "Have you seen that documentary The Windrush is about when the first West Indians came to the shores of England? This whole energy came to England and it manifested itself through sound systems and music. Even the term ‘rave’ was something that we brought over. That whole sound system culture that I was born into wasn’t the norm in England. It was only for the people that were around it and maybe in that inner city area. That sound came through in the 80s and early 90s that whole sound system vibe. You had a whole set of different mans doing their thing and the sound system culture was seeping through. Now the sound system is

I wrote this about self-identification as a Black Brit

Warning: yes this will be from a "Jamaican" perspective, because I can't talk from an "African" perspective as accurately. But I'm sure what I've written as a "Jamaican" can be applied both ways. Most of the time when I mention "Jamaican" I mean British-born-and-raised-people-from-Jamaican backgrounds. I will do that lazy "Africans" grouping thing too. And this is just my view of the world through the eyes of a Londoner all here from a flow of thoughts.  I had a conversation with a Londoner of Nigerian descent about Jamaica vs Africa the other day. It's always funny when Africans have a victim mentality of "Jamaicans always cuss us" like it's one way traffic. I didn't know we were still in the nineties. Africans say ignorant things about Jamaicans like Jamaicans did and still do about Africans. In my experience, more people in general cuss Yardies than Africans in 2013. How many times have you