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"Marvin. Y u burn Black History Month?"

"Until the philosophy which hold ones (hi)story superior and another inferior. Is finally. And permanently. Discredited. And abandoned. Marvin Sparks say 'BUN! (burn/blaze fire on it/get rid)'" (The above is a reworking of father Bob Marley's " War " - a Haile Selassie I speech) I'd guess many blacks are for Black History Month, but whenever mentioned it's mostly people screaming for abolishment. Most say it's a waste of time for reasons such as lack of events, knowledge and awareness, while many say "Why just a month? It should be all year round." A part of me agrees with the latter. It does kinda sideline black history like it doesn't contribute to the rest of history. I definitely agree with the former in that nothing really happens and what does happen is pretty pointless. We get a few black programs; usually controversial/degrading about skin bleaching or whether we're thicker than the rest of the world. Or why we

Starboy Nathan's X-Factor exit - TweeteReview

* plug read my two cents about Nathan's career right now and the possible future here * KEY: RT aka ReTweet  = Repeating someone else's tweet for everyone of your own followers to see @[insert name]  = Twitter username.[name after @ sign] For example: @MarvinSparks = Follow everyone who wrote tweets you like. If you'd like your tweet removed ask and I'll think about it. For previous TweeteReviews click here Last but not least Disclaimer: Tweets do not necessarily reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant Nicolette  ‏ @ nic_knocks Nathan has to go through Sam GrapeJuice   ‏ @ thatgrapejuice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  # nathan   # isthislife   # xfactor Beah Alessio  ‏ @ BeaW12 PAR. Xi'an Loves  ‏ @ XianLoves DAS A PARRRRRRR  # XFactor I & I ah conqueror  ‏ @ MarvinSparks AFhiousabhkaubhg