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"So Marvin Sparks, what effect will afrobeats have on bashment"

"What effect will afrobeats have on bashment?" Something I was asked recently. I've seen tweets like "bashment is dead now", "afrobeats  is  taking over", "I'm glad afrobeats has killed bashment" and "remember bashment?" So, I thought "Lemme weigh in on this". Haven't brought out the opinionated Marvin Sparks around here for a while so here he is... [please note: I said "the opinionated Marvin Sparks", meaning this is all my opinion based on my findings and observations. If you disagree, feel free to comment. I'll accept anything positive or negative. Tell me to suck any of my family members and it's a war ting though. Calm.] First and foremost, this is a stupid, premature debate, hence why I held back from entertaining it on Twitter. I've bitten the bait a couple of times to correct those who should know better, but kept quiet apart from that. Throughout this post I will demonstrate that