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MOBO MeView + TweetView

So basically I started writing notes for my MeView. If you haven't experienced a MeView (my view on a performance/concert) click here. It was going well until, well, Twitter became more interesting. I hardly watched the TV because I spent my time copy and pasting funny quotes from Twitter. I always tell people about the jokes I get from my timeline. Today I'm snitching on everyone I follow with a public account. (Disclaimer: YOU may have a private account but if it got RT'd by someone on my timeline with a funny tweet, then you are in here) Oh and one more (Disclaimer: I only realised the fact some may have private accounts long after. Apologies in advance. Holla at me and I'll remove your tweet).

I'd like to thank all of you, my unaware Tweeting contributors. Here goes the MeView x TweetView (snitchin'). I DON'T NECESSARILY AGREE WITH EVERY TWEET/OPINION. IF I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY OR INTERESTING I'VE POSTED IT. SOME I AGREE WITH, SOME I DON'T, ALL ARE WORTHY

For entrance photo's go here

If you didn't watch, some of it may be slightly confusing. To watch:


RT = retweeted = copy and pasting someones tweet to show your followers, either to agree, it's funny or to add/correct/amend

Gwaan J2K performing with Mark Ronson. Lol @ him shouting out Roll Deep. This weird chick can't sing though. Oh ok, Manga too. Maybe this is the whole Roll Deep entourage with the platinum haired man. WE WANT AMY WINEHOUSE THOUGH! Mark Ronson without her is Jacobs Crackers without butter.

LMAO @ Wiley performing Cash In My Pocket! He hates this song. Dressed like me the last time I went to Liquid though. Tune lacks vibes. WE WANT WHEN I'M 'ERE NOW! Booooooooooooo that was boring. And why they keep cutting to a black audience in the dark? Don't they know all we see is teeth and eye balls?

World Cup 2010 in Africa, Ghana do well so Reggie Yates embraces his African heritage in public? (disclaimer: I never knew until this year) Why he roll out with four topless men without a no homo badge? And who the hell are Lebara Mobile? I see certain man handing out their cards. I never stop. Reggie's got jokes "Name checking Jason Derulo." Who's the random man singing (poorly) whilst Alesha Dixon walks out. And oh no, she looked so sexy until she spoke. Why does she have that voice Jah?

Ahahahaha @ them saying "You've only got yourself to blame if your favourite act doesn't win". That's in response to last year's shenanegans with Tinchy. I wonder if Tinchy's there today.

Sorry but why don't they have a comedian presenting? Reggie's to clean cut for this. It's all a bit sudden. Ohhhhhhh Grime Daily got a shout out!

(Barbie and) Ken hair Jermaine Jackson was there last year nah? Anyway he's presenting the first "Moble" (think he got confused with MOBO and Lebara MOBLE - you know Americans don't pronounce "mobile" correctly) award for Best Hip Hop/Grime. Come on Giggs! Youth with the football got skills. Ah booo Pro Green wins. Not even Skepta. BADMAN speech from Pro Green though "Big up Kate Nash's second album".

Last years Best Newcomer Act JLS presenting this years award. Tinie Tempah has to get this. Strong category though. And yes Tinie Tempah wins. What's he gonna say in slow-motion. Well deserved. Ok, speech is a bit long, play the Grammy music. Oh safe, I kinda got a big up cos I wrote good things about him.

LOL Reggie to Alesha from Mis-teeq: "yeah successful trio, girl group long hair, one MC? Cleopatra" joke was good.

N-Dubz are them kids!

Peak! Reggie putting people on blast this year. LOL @ warning Alexandra Burke to keep her weave away from the lights.

(This is where I start to watch Twitter more than the TV)

Yeah so I missed a couple awards. African and JLS won something. Reggie introduced Alesha's single as smash hit. Which part? If she MC's I'm gonna punch my screen.

Nelly and Mohombi present an award

"i'll tell u why they got Nelly - because no other US act said yes. Lol. Simples. Trust."

Me in response to the above tweet: Not even Jason Derulo?

"i was offered an interview with the dude last week - not sure why I would have said yes. Sorry. It's not 2006."

Backstage N-Dubz interview Jay Sean

Me: "N-Dubz interviewing Jay Sean? This ain't '09. Where's Taio Cruz?"

Jazz Award

Me: "Jazz Award should be given out on the Red Carpet"

Jay Sean performance

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Put your TV on mute & shut your eyes. Jay Sean improves.Considerably. #mobos"

Me: "I repeat: Jay Sean? This ain't '09. Where's Taio Cruz? And why's Skepta wearing a disco ball?"

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Who told Skepta that it was a good idea to wear an outfit that looked like something Cilla Black would have worn in the 80s?"

Plan B won something

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Plan B has got no neck"

Dance troupe Peridot selected "randomly" by Reggie Yates to dance to some big tracks over the years in honour of MOBO 15th anniversary

Me: Peridot dancing. Atful (I'm not correcting that typo, sounds like a freshie 'Atful' haha) Dodger 'Re-e-wind' is still a dutty banger. Damage 'Ghetto Romance' = one of the best UK R&B songs ever. Romeo 'OH No' is greeease! Lethal B 'Pow' = classic. Dizzee Rascal 'Bonkers' = so yeah I've never understood breakin' to grime like they did to Pow!

Gospel Award

@PinBoardBlog "gospel music is key to whats happening in the music industry"...Erm, really?"

@PinBoardBlog "these people talking about genres have absolutely not been briefed or told what to say. They ARE experts. #sideeye."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"If you aren't following @pinboardblog you're missing out on GOLD!"


Pro Green performance = dead until the dubstep bit.

Michelle Williams presents Best UK

@MsCruzViolante Ms Catia Cruz RT by @AraTheCoach
"Larrddd Michelle Williams is purely bones..someone feed her!!!! #Mobos"

@WendiWrites Wendi Bekoe
"Michelle Williams needs food."

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Michelle needs FOOD!!!"

Maybe this unrelated tweet is the answer...

"ummm, I would LOVE to tell some stories about food on tables (which cost upwards of £2000). Hint: You don't get fed."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"When Reggie said "Jermaine Jackson's face", I looked up and saw Labrinth. Fully thought he was Jermaine for a sec. I'm not alone on that"

JLS win Best UK act

@MzFr3Butterfly Afryea Ama
"Errr N*Dubz or @TinieTempah shudve won Best UK Act!!"

Fit ethnic minority one from The Saturdays presents a BeMOBO award to some initiative thing (weren't listening)

@AraTheCoach Ara
"aka "the non-white Saturday" #MOBOs"

Tinie Tempah performace:

@MaleekBerry MR BERRY
"He got an MJ jacket on theaux lolol"

@SSarpong Sabrina-Anne Sarpong
"Lol Tinie's MJ haha"

Looks like the one from Beat It.

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Ahhh I like Tinie Tempah...always makes an effort with his performances."

@FunkButcher Funk Butcher
"Tinie Tempah is a born performer.......his stage presence is exceptional"

"1 good artist on the stage for the whole night. 1"

@MissMDelicious MelissaDelicious
“@LishLambchop: Sorry but Tinie Tempah looks like the Gay South London Red Power Ranger... NEXT!”

Corrine Bailey Rae presents award

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Corrine Bailey Rae, such grace, class and poise.What a beautiful woman. Rooting for her. #Mobos"

Travie McCoy performs with JLS (thanks PinBoard)

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Someone just said to me 'MOBO's don't care about black people'"

Gyptian wins Best Reggae

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Awoe! Have to pay tribute to reggae ya mad"

Quote of the Show: Robbo Ranx "Reggae is one of the only music that still speaks for the common man"

"Sean Paul isn't nominated, but I BET you he wins 'Best Reggae' . LOL"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks

@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian
"The ppl in Liverpool think Gyptian is the Reggae Reggae sauce guy #MOBOs"

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
in response to @XianLoves "them wedding/family gathering/birthday speeches LOL"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Check my interview with Gyptian. Only one you need to check really

@MotiveUK Theo 'Motive' Oliver RT by @MarvinSparks
"Gyptian's there, so why isn't he performing?!"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Oh and here's reggae runner-up (they all tied innit) Gappy Ranks:

Nelly's performance from ThatGrapeJuice

@AraTheCoach Ara
"Nelly knows exactly what the viewers want; make the hot stage chicks stand still so we can check em out properly! #MOBOs"

"it's NELLY! On TV. In 2010. I just...Can't."

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Feel like I'm in a time warp.It's 2003 and Nelly's forgotten to slap a plaster on his face. #Mobos"

@missjaylouise Janay Louise

@KarlNova Karl Nova
“@ondolady: WTF Nelly is singing? Has he forgotten how to rap? #mobo” <- errr that's the style he's always done lol

"Ahhhh Nelly, I wud have preffered "Tip Drill" over that drival! Come better than this! I hv to pay TV licence to watch this, Cha!"

@KarlNova Karl Nova
"Nelly's performance is the worst of the night and it's not like he's wack it's just bland."

Just A Dream 2010 MOBO Awards Live
Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Explore international webcam videos.

Billy Ocean recieves Lifetime Achievement

Thanks Metro (don't sue me)

@AraTheCoach Ara
"Billy Ocean is an absolute legend!!! And he could double as a baddie in Matrix! #MOBOs"

@WendiWrites Wendi Bekoe
"My bro said Billy Ocean looks like a black Colonel Saunders.."

@DanBean Dan Bean
"billy ocean / abel xavier"

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"This crowd needs to pipe down, they're in the presence of a legend. He's giving knowledge. Be quiet. #mobos"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Hold on, a Ras just gave thanks to Jesus? Not Jah or Selassie? Kinda plastic dread (no disrespect)"

Roll Deep performance

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
"ahahhahha roll deep look like action men. love it"

@JusticeMBE Justice Williams MBE
"Are all these ppl in the background even interested in the show or just a good old walk around and chin wag lol"

@KarlNova Karl Nova
"Wow Wiley was supposed to be in the song! He was cut out!!!"

@DanBean Dan Bean
"is wiley ustreaming this one"

@tahirah Tahirah
"Hahahaahahahahahhahahaahahahahaaa Roll Deep."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
RT @MarvinSparks Someone just said to me "MOBO's don't care about black people"

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Two highlights of the Roll Deep performance? When they exited and the Louboutin's. #mobos"

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Scratchy has got a Croydon facelift!"

Reggie on JLS vs N-Dubz beef

"Reggie!!! what are u on??"

@ChipmunkArtist Chipmunk
"OMG did Regie just say that lool!!!"

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson

@tahirah Tahirah
"'s a bit hit and miss for you, this whole "comedy" malarkee, isn't it?"

On Kanya King

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Kanya's come dressed as Tina Turner tonight.."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Come on lads, own up, who woodn't?

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Naaaah you need a fringe Kanya! #MOBOS #Buckforrid #WAYBACK #BadWeave"

Sorry papaaahahhahahahahaha @ #buckforrid!!! That is old skoooool

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Looooool why are you benning at you OWNA DRY JOKES Kanya? #MOBOS"

@MissMDelicious MelissaDelicious
"What is Kanya King talking about??"

@tahirah Tahirah
"LOOOOOOL Kanya King."

@loudmouthmelvin Loudmouth Melvin RT by @AraTheCoach
"Kanya King = self promoting fool. What other awards organiser speaks at every show? She dont't care about UK Black Music."

@AraTheCoach Ara
"If I ever get up and talk at any Jump Off event PLEASE someone sniper me! #MOBOs"

"**DEAD** one that lasts 11 months. RT @MrSlyvester: I'll say it, is Kanya King rocking a weave? RT @PinBoardBlog: **I'm saying NOTHING**"

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"I swear Kanya just borrowed Kelly Rowlands weave from last years #MOBOS again"

@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian
"Allow this Tania King woman she like ur head teacher trying to buss joke at ur end of year prom #MOBOs"

@getMELhere mel mayers RT by @Jcxappeal
"15 years later and this fucker still can't talk and still ain't found a decent hair stylist gosh man!"

@artfulmark Mark Hill
"RT @OneFaris: "Urban music is the new pop music", No, "urban music is watered down to be accepted as pop music"

Montage of previous years to celebrate 15 years of MOBO Awards:

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Remember when Mobo was good pre- 2002 and Master Card was the sponsor?"

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"This montage makes me feel like they've taken 5 steps forward and 50 backflips back. #mobos"

"these VT's just highlight how far this show has come...fallen, sorry."

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Still got the redman and method man mobo performance on dvd somewhere. #goodtimes"

@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian
"The #MOBOs looked so good back in the day [Take Me Back In Time]"

@RioChiLondon Rio RT by @NicholasMarston
"Is it me or MOBO's got worse over the years?"

On Tinchy's performance (thanks PinBoard)

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Giggs yh!!!"

@FunkButcher Funk Butcher
"YES TINCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Looooool Giggs looks like Moph!"

@MaleekBerry MR BERRY
"Giggs came on with the mean mug lmao"


@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Oh my gawd Giggs"

@tahirah Tahirah
"RT @RogerAjogbe: Imagine if Jay-Z charged for his stage swagger? He'd be getting money from everyone on this MOBO stage."

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"I didnt win a mobo after havin da highest selling urban single of the year and sellin over 1million singles this year, cool. F the MOBOs”

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"That last tweet was tweeted by @TinchyStryder last year. Google doesn't forget. Clearly Tinchy & mobo's made amends * giggles*"

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
"Best thing about #mobos?? this end of show collaboration especially when Giggs walked in looking like 'Yeah shut up im here, innit'"

@MotiveUK Theo 'Motive' Oliver
"So that performance saved the show...kinda, not really but it was a lot!"

Random #LOLtweets

@AraTheCoach Ara
"RT @jessiejofficial: Can some explain to me what 'Urban' Music is?.... < pls let me know wen u find out, i think its basically anything!"

In response to the above tweet

@@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"@AraTheCoach @jessiejofficial Basically even if you're black and you sing Death Metal it's urban"

In conclusion

@dotdublinTAE Brendon Dublin
"This is the first MOBO's in years I have thought is pretty decent"

@ChuckieOnline Chuckie Lothian
"Look at our stars. Their ours. We don't need Americans anymore. Love that.!"

@reggieheavee Reggie Styles
"In all seriousness though...N Dubz better song than "Pass Out"...pls, never bun dwn a dance with one of their tunes ever!!!"


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"I'm still waiting for Gamu to come on my TV #MOBOS"

These times MOBO's finished 15mins ago

That ladies and gentleman was MOBO Awards 2010.

Once again, if you don't want your tweet up there holla at me. I repeat it was in a public place (unless I pasted it before realising your twitter is private). I feel you are deserve more followers after that. *Round of Applause* To follow them their twitter names are[insert name after @ sign]. Follow them allllll!

My predictions from earlier today are below with the actual winners. I didn't do badly

BOLD = who will win
italic = who I think should/want to win

Best Newcomer
Tinie Tempah
Professor Green

Winner: Tinie Tempah

Best U.K. Act
(I'm sure they cut down the amount of nominee's in this category)
Tinie Tempah
Jay Sean
Tinchy Stryder
Taio Cruz
Roll Deep
Dizzee Rascal
Alexandra Burke
Plan B
Leona Lewis

Winner: JLS

Best Song

Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha – “Dirty Picture”
Tinie Tempah – “Pass Out”
N-Dubz ft Mr Hudson – “Playing With Fire”
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL ft Q-Tip & MNDR – “Bang, Bang, Bang”
Professor Green ft Ed Drewett – “I Need You Tonight”

Winner: NDubz FEAT. Mr Hudson – Playing with Fire

Best U.K. R&B/Soul
(Don't care to be honest)
Natalie Williams
Corinne Bailey Rae
Plan B

Winner: Plan B

Best U.K. Hip Hop/Grime
Giggs - so badly want Giggs to win
Professor Green

Best International Act - Don't care. Sure this has been trimmed too
Alicia Keys
Jay Z
Janelle Monae
Black Eyed Peas
Nicki Minaj
Jason Derulo
Lil Wayne
Travie McCoy
Trey Songz

Winner: Eminem (didn't see this presented...)

Best Reggae

Damian Marley
Vybz Kartel

Winner: Gyptian (but we knew that from nominations)

Best Album
Plan B – “The Defamation of Strickland Banks” (679/Atlantic)
JLS – “JLS” (Epic)
N-Dubz “Against All Odds” (UMTV)
Chipmunk -”I Am Chipmunk” (Jive/Columbia)
Dizzee Rascal – “Tongue in Cheek” (Dirtee Stank)

Winner: JLS, 'JLS'

Best Video
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL ft Q-Tip & MNDR – “Bang, Bang, Bang”
Tinie Tempah ft Labrinth – “Frisky”
Tinchy Stryder – “You’re Not Alone”
Alesha Dixon – “Drummer Boy”
Dizzee Rascal – “Dirtee Disco”

Winner: Tinie Tempah ft Labrinth 'Frisky'

Best African Act
K’Naan (Somalia)
P-Square (Nigeria)
Hip Hop Pantsula (South Africa)
JJC (Nigeria)
Banky W. (Nigeria)
Concha Buika (Equatorial Guinea)
Mulatu Astatke (Ethiopia)
Wanlov the Kubolor (Ghana)
Angélique Kidjo (Benin)
M3NSA (Ghana)
Yuri Da Cunha (Angola)
Tinny (Ghana)
Waldemar Bastos (Zimbabwe)
Staff Benda Bilili (Congo-Kinshasa)
BLK JKS (South Africa)

Winner: K'naan

Best Gospel Act - Don't know any of 'em

Faith Child
Guvna B
Rachel Kerr
Jake Isaac
Beverley Trotman
Best Jazz Act
Robert Glasper
Brad Mehldau
John McLaughlin

Winner: Guvna B

5/10 = 50% (I didn't tick the Gospel box)


This just in from K'naan's twitter

"Thanks for the MOBO Award UK! It's an honor to win Best African Act having lived outside of the continent most of my life now."

Last year Kelly Rowland complained about technical difficulties, Tinchy said F the MOBO's, now this? C'mon mehn...


  1. When they were showing the nominees on the screen, what song was in the background? Thanks.


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