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Why Wiley Is King

This guy is that guy Shouts to Donatella looking hot as always and laying foundations for a interesting interview! But anyway, Wiley has so many quotables. My favourite is regarding Bashy: "If I was a mad man I'd be in jail doing 30 years and he'd be dead". To think Donatella kept a straight face deserves props alone Catch Grime Daily on Flava TV, Sky Channel 367. Comes on @ 6pm/ 1800 hours. Check your EPG for the listings and Sky+ that

Busy Signal - NightShift/ One More Night [video]

Despite the controversy, this is one of the biggest songs of the genre. Kingston looks beautiful. Ah man, can't wait to be back there. Check my interview with him here . One of my best from them days; still ranks high up there to this day. We discussed temptation to venture into crime, maintaining his hype vs establishing himself, not working with Stephen or Don Corleon, beef with Aidonia, working with Mavado, and more. Also, the man behind this new Busy Signal (post-Step Out), manager and producer Shane Brown. We spoke about live instruments vs digital sounds, if producers are accountable for when artists are feuding with each other, banning of songs, how reggae producers make money and helping to reinvent Busy.

Diddy unearths G-muthafu*kin-Dep

I can't believe it, Diddy brought this guy up from under the ground. Where has he been? If you aren't familiar with the name, check the vid for songs ('Special Delivery' and 'Let's Get It') I never really got how Diddy spoke over the intro for a whole minute! Look how lost G-Dep's looking whilst he waits for the drop. Wouldn't be surprised if they cut the vid because he missed it. G Dep was one of my favourite rapper them times; his flow was awesome. Most of the lyrics didn't make sense, but it sounded fly as anything! Bad Boy had a bit of a roster post BIG and Mase at the top end of the 90s; G Dep, Black Rob, Shyne and Loon were all firing. Shouts to Tim Westwood. Days when 56k + Napster were all we had meant downloading mixtapes for fresh music was a no go. Standard 15mins for one solitary 192 bit rate song at 4kbps (kilo bytes per second), 5 kbps was a God send. MixTAPES on TDK, pausing before the DJ spoke etc. was regular occurance. Copy

Who Art Thou Jason Derulo?

Seriously, who is he? Is he Usher? Is he Mario? Is he Chris Brown? Is he Justin Timberlake? Will he get his own identity? These questions need to be answered. If you handle his PR holla at me We, the people, need to know what's going on!!! Maybe you're scratching your head wondering where this came from; well watch this Clearly stole the clothes Chris Brown was supposed to wear on TV promo dates but wasn't able due to the unforgettable ChRihanna incident. Where's he going with the ballerina spin? The guy who played Billy Elliott got bullied for that, Jason Derulo most definitely can't get away with that. Who wants to tell me it doesn't look identical to Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You? Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You Uploaded by aldhebaran . And did I notice rippin the late-but-never-forgotten Michael Jackson's Keep It In The Closet moves behind the sheet? Mate, sort it out Song isn't bad but how lo

Caribbean's Care For Haiti Too!!! [Shaggy, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Mavado..]

I'm sure you've heard all about Simon Cowell pushing a bunch of his X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent artists with a few others here and there. You will have seen Jay-Z, Bono & Rihanna on George Clooney's Haiti thingy that I boycotted (I saw the video listed on WorldStarHipHop for the smart ones). But believe it or not, Haiti is in the Caribbean and guess what? "What?" There have been Caribbean artists paying tribute to the thousands of unfortunate Haitian's who have lost their homes limbs or lives. Not only that, nurses and doctors have been flying over, as have volunteers. That leads me onto why I boycotted (exaggeration - I mean I didn't care for it) that ceremony. Why was Rihanna the only Carib to pay tribute (besides Wyclef obviously)? I heard she did Redemption Song which is quite a funny/apt song choice considering the reason Haiti are in a mess. Point is: surely Damian & Stephen Marley could have done the job instead! I mean, excuse

Survival of the Fittest: Funky Dee or Gracious K

People say I'm rude, harsh, controversial... whatever, I don't think so. People usually admit they agree and that's all I care for. Some will say the same about this post, which is why I wasn't gonna do this post cos I'm not an attention-whore, but f*ck it we're all wondering the same thing! I rep the real people with real minds. After reading this post I dare anyone to "put one hand on your heart, put one on your Bible/Qu'ran, and then you swear to Jah/Allah/Buddha [delete as you see fit] and admit that you never thought it. Blud, swear down, you never thought it?" If you manage to do it I'll shout "Oi! You! R u gonna lyiie doe?". *sidenote: Gospel funky refix to land Easter time. Cop my mixtape outside all good retailers (yes outside including Foot Locker, Oxford Street)* To the point of the post ; both made ( arguably ) the biggest MC tunes of 09 in the UK Funky genre. Neither crossed over commercially like "Nursery Grhyme

Trey Songz - Say Ahh + Interview

I'm sure I'm really late on this one but "face. Look. Bovvad?" Tunes dir-tee-tee; good tune but "Oh you so nasty" *speaking whilst moving my neck*. I wanna know if self-respecting ladies rate this tune? Some would argue "self-respecting ladies" is an outdated term. I don't subscribe to that, special ones are still out there... Many of 'em? Well that's up for debate, but I love you all! Anyway, his album is big! Beats knock, he has a good voice, but most of all it's at a normal tempo not this wannabe 4x4, borderline trancey stuff (over-exaggeration much!). Still sounds like R. Kelly. Girls LOVE this guy too; by far the most popular of all the pics I had on my Facebook page amongst the ladies. And no, I wasn't in a pic with him for groupie reasons; "Man-a-badman, mi nuh frighten fi tell no bwoy! Desso it deh uzeeit!" (that's a random defensive outburst) I interviewed him before his performance at indigo2. Spoke

Love this: Queen Ifrica - Serve and Protect video

Queen Ifrica is one of my favourite artists of any genre. One of the fiercest lyricists in dancehall matched with thought-provoking concepts equals me loving her music. Serve & Protect tackles police brutality; a topic we all speak about, but artists rarely voice on record. This is why I love reggae! Featured the audio of this track on my blog a while ago, glad to see a video has been made. Hopefully this gives what is a heavily slept on track (over here in England anyway) a much needed push. Maybe some follow fashion DJs will see this and play! Gotta love the Fiyah Momma; whether it be child molestation (Daddy), turbulant relationships (Below The Waist) Government neglecting the poor (Rise Ghetto Youths Rise), skin bleaching (Mi Naah Rub) or as above police brutality, she always delivers. Had the chance to interview last year. Peep that here . Big up Jay Will, one of the top music video directors bringing the reggae/dancehall visuals at good quality.
Killed it! Can't deny his spitting ability (if you did) after watching that vid. Some may say "Ah he ain't got no content," or "Same old Chipmunk talking about himself" but that's the point of them videos - bring the braggadocio out. Wanna hear a song with content? Buy his album. While you're here, check my interview with him here . This was before chart domination so we spoke about what he's bringing to the table, his rise from underground superstar to signing a major deal in a short time and the opinions of grime fans. Shouts to SBTV, killing the game right now. Check out his new site for more videos like this

Looking Forward to Hearing in 2010

I wouldn't call myself an expert on music. I have an opinion that some people agree with, others disagree. These following artists are not neccessarily "next to blow", rather those who I'm looking forward to hearing from in 2010. Maverick Sabre - Dude from out of Ireland. Has a reggae-vibe to his voice/delivery, or that perception may be due to him reminding me of one-time Reggae MOBO Award winner Finlay Quaye. Equipped with real life topics/ real music from the soul. Daley - saw him at one fashion show back in October, not gonna lie... actually let me explain; all the previous performers were dead to me so there wasn't high expectation for this dude sitting on a stool with a random piece shaven off his head. How wrong was I? Dude can sang! Boy got that smokey jazz club soul about him. Devlin - Blogged about him before. Nothing much to say that the song doesn't display, but offers a different perspective in the game. Chino - one of my favourite art