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Wasn't Gonna Blog This But...

Heard this tune last month, but didn't blog it in fear of lobbyists pickiting my blog. However, I've changed my mind This Munga tune sell the r**s off! Voiced on Karim's Duffle Bag riddim. Riddim also features Busy Signal's 'Question' how his money went so fast. He isn't being rude or 'phobic, he's just setting the law according to him. Also feelin this 10 Long 10 Strong riddim Leftside is a big jugglin tune, Bugle is probably my favourite on there. Kartel is a good one too. Who says they don't make what's commonly known as dancehall sounding anymore?

8 Days 'til Christmas, soooo...

Was the not the last great pop Christmas song? Talking about original ones here. Materialistic as anything, and who the hell rubs feet, especially leading up to Christmas. Them cold toes in my warm, clean hands. Or just imagine it's after walking up and down Oxford Street in socks and Uggs. Dem pongin feet there. Song was on the re-packaged version of one of the greatest r&b albums in recent times, The Writings on the Wall. Kinda off-topic rant there, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. I know what I'm going to buy, just need to buy it. So technically sorted. This is another Christmas time banger What happened to Xtina? That voice was incredible! Obvs she had a baby, sure she made a failed comeback when people were comparing her style to Lady Gaga, to which she asked "Who?" She wouldn't say that now. If I never blog again (highly unlikely), Merry Christmas one and all. Thanks for visiting my blog

Beast Gets His Beauty (The-Dream weds Christina Milian)

Everyone loved off the light skinned girl who couldn't sing but appeared on Ja Rule's Between Me and You Before embarking on her own (short-lived? Stop-start?) solo career. AM to PM was horrible, but the next single, When You Look At Me was a lot of things. I won't lie, I liked the song Can't embed so click here for a reminder "Be gone" said Christina Milian (well her people) to her clean cut, girl next door image with the release of the seductive Dip It Low (written by one of the best female artists to drop an album this decade, Teedra Moses), was a hot video. The faux-dancehall riddim had me sucked once upon a time. Not anymore! Cheesy!!! Taking it back a little, I know all the UK males were with me hating on Romeo from So Solid when he collaborated with her. Not only that, but there was chemistry in the video between them. Not gonna lie, I used to look at that video hard to see if they actually recorded t

OK! Mag Kano and Noel Clarke mix-up

Spotted this over at Mad News . You guys get that I like that blog yet? This must be the 4th time I be jackin material san! It isn't really jackin, it's inspiration. As big as OK mag are I don't know what kind of mag they are; women, gossip, entertainment? All the same thing anyway. Men aren't supposed to read it so I'll make an educated guess that there's also fashion and make-up tips, hot fella's and pointing out sexy thick celebs cellulite to make insecure 40 year-old ugly journalists feel better about themselves (don't tell me most wimmin mags don't follow that blueprint) Anyway, apparantly they wrote an article on Noel Clarke But ended up using a pic of Kano Voila Well Kano can give thanks as this will probably be the most mainstream promotion he's had in his whole entire career, as evidenced by his tweet ( ) regarding the situation: "Has anyone got a screenshot of @okmagazine using my pictur

Real Badman Never Afraid: Iyaz - Replay

Quick post to say I'm overly feeling this tune at the moment. Was convinced it was Sean Kingston, but it's some geezer called Iyaz out of tax-haven British Virgin Island. Sean Kingston alledgedly discovered him on MySpace. MySpace? I didn't know people still used that site since the emergence of Facebook (dead out!), and my new favourite site Twitter!!! I can't see why Sean Kingston didn't sing this and cut out the middle-man. JR Rotem is fast becoming that go-to producer in my opinion to join Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. Red One and David Guetta are doing their thing in pure pop, but since Timbaland with the assistance of Danja blurred the lines/opened the door for that sound there hasn't been one (to my memory anyway). He never really followed up on Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girl, but J-J-J-J-J R's success with Jason Derulo's 'Whatcha Say' and even our boys JLS 'Everybody In Love' will probably lead to him being the man of 2010

Song of the moment: Demarco - True Friend

As the year draws to a close, it's always a time when life reviews take place. Have I done what I wanted? How can I fix what I did wrong this year in order to improve for next? What's the motive for next year etc. Another prominent question in my head is who really deserves my time next year. Nuff suckers, leeches, users, whatever about amongst the people I can depend on for a good conversation, creating memories, chucklin etc. This song is another one of those dancehall songs which ring off because it talk a real topic everyone can relate to in a simplistic, easily digestible way. Singer/DJ (rapper)/producer DeMarco sings about frenemies. Riddim up my seleckta Initially, I was going to blog about why I love dancehall, but I think it's more a recurring theme as apposed to something I can do in one post - 4th dancehall post in-a-row. Whether it be social-commentary, struggles ghetto youths face, poltical, inspirational, death, religion (conscious tunes), straight up thr

Sean Paul - Hold My Hand [video]

Another day, another vid (no WorldStarHipHop) After releasing two singles at approximately 138bpm (that's like really fast), dancehall's flag bearer Sean Paul slows it right the way down with this lovers anthem Hold My Hand Finally the Sean Paul 'Imperial Blaze' success can begin. Rated this song from I first heard it at the listening session back in July (click for album listening party review) . I actually prefer the solo version over the duet with Keri Hilson. Here's a blog where I asked for this song to be released . Glad to hear my prayers were answered. Nice video too

Chino - Never Change video

As you may or may not know, I only post videos that evoked some form of emotion from me. Sometimes it's anger at a utterly butters tune, but I do tend to post videos to songs that I'm feeling more often than not This one is probably one of my favourite tunes from 09 full stop. Any genre! Powerful message, catchy melody, playful beat... also reminds me of my time in Jamaica this past summer. Song gives me such a good feelin'. After fuelling up on Cranberry and Vodka/Rum, draw for the Skip To Ma Luu dance and it's that summer vibe! In fact, I featured this tune back in July/August . You most probably don't know who the hell Chino is. If not, he's son of living legend reggae singer Freddie McGregor and brother to leading producer (and producer of this track) Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor. Here is an interview I did with him earlier on this year . Most fans of dancehall/bashment are so engrossed in the Gully/Gaza debate over here in England they don'

Mavado & Kartel UNITE on stage [pic & vid]

Yes you read it correctly. The two have been embroiled in beef since 06, last seen on stage together during their much-hyped, but very disappointing clash last year at Sting. Dudus (if you know who he is you know, if not, well Google) made it all happen at West Kingston Jamboree, literally minutes ago. Here is the evidence (thanks to Liv_Up "ya riddim straight"): What does this mean for 2010? We've been here before with the press conference last year but that didn't stop the clash at Sting. "Mi hope and pray// hope and pray" this one lasts longer and everyone can work on the same riddims (click for post I did on Gully vs Gaza vs Producers) , shows and no more "fussin and fightin". Guess it's only La Lewis and Mr. G warrin at Sting this year unless Bounty wants to clash. Grung Gaad still has a problem with him. Peace, one love and unity mi say! (I still say Gully but whatever)! If you liked that/ "bare plugs, pluggin ting" (th

What's right/wrong with Sway's new video?

taken from the lovely Melissa Delicious' blog . Question is "What's right/wrong with Sway's new video" delete as you feel necessary. If you care to, leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear your opinions. Sway featuring 2Face Idibia - My Kind Of Girl (lead girl played by former Miss Black Britain Rachel Williams) Do I feel the song? Not really. Evokes zero emotion. Fodder If you don't know who 2 Face is, you need to stop pressing snooze! One of the biggest artists out of west Africa (I'm sure it's Nigeria lol). Check this classic. Was a big tune in Jamaica in 2007 2 Face - African Queen You may also be interested in these previous posts: Do we still care for Sway? FAO: Casting Directors of Black R&B Videos

Why Cheetah Woods, whhyyyy?!?!?!

We must all know about the predator nyamin woman (no bowcat reference intended - or am I lying? *shudders*). Anyone heard the voicemail he left for the girl he's been PARrin (there was a golf reference there) his wife with? Easy now my selekta as we rinse some tunes for di one name Tiger. Man like him doesn't know how to play. (By The Endz not Ruff Sqwad) How you gonna leave a voicemail for a girl with your real name at the beginning? Do you want to be held to ransom? Man from 'the ends' know (in the words of Kano) "That's slippin'!" And when isht hits the fan (like it has) he's buggered. Not something I deal in but surely the point of cheating is for an assortment of ladies. All his ones look the same; blonde, no breast nor batty. Rachel Uchitel bawlin at the scene of 9/11 where her man (fiancee/boyfriend/husband) died The chick whose sold his voicemail on and can be heard above The wifey (why cheat on her with the ones above I'

Urban Brit-Pop success influenced by Kylie?

Howdy! Now you're most probably looking at the title crazy like "How the hell you work that one out?" Some are probably thinking "Com'on son?! This is some bs" but hear me out. Today I was listening to my iPod when Kylie (the Aussie from Ramsay Street with the illusion pert bum) came on the dance/pop playlist. Yes, you read correctly. First song that came on was the 2000 chart-topping classic Can't Get You Out Of My Head. As a listened, I ran the choreography through my head - yes I know some of the dance steps in the chorus (blame my diet of music television) - when I realised there was a popular UK Funky dance in there. Look @ 1:49 Does this not look like this popular dance?* Excuse the lite version. Someone needs to re-dub the original tunes over the video. Credit my blog somewhere on the video in the pop-up tags! Ok, but on a more serious note, the next tune was Kylie (yes again) Come Into My World. Tune is mad under-rated! Skankers.