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Noughties Appreciation: Year 2000

I love the old days so each Friday I do a little section called FlashBack Friday (click for previous episodes) - as you could most probably tell. Reminiscing always brings a smile to my face, so I hope it does likewise for you.

If you didn't know it is 9 weeks 'til Christmas. Come around mad quick alie? I remember last year's New Years Eve like it was yesterday. But more impotantly, in 10 weeks we will have completed the first decade of the 2000's!!! To coincide with this I will try my hardest to turn back time and give you those years as I remember them in a section I've dubbed Noughties Appreciation. I'm not going to make out like it's only my brain, to give a full perspective I have done a bit of research.

Naturally, we will start with 2000. I remember this day like it was yesterday. Location: Jamaica. Most of the non-Jamaicans/ "Jamaicans" (you know the ones who claim but never been) will be surprised by what I did on NYE, the real Jamaicans will probably lol in agreement.

So yeah, Jamaica, popularly known for its vibrant culture mainly due to the success of Reggae music. You touch road at night and you're bound to see them 8ft speaker boxes outside of a small rum bar blaring some revival, accompanied by smoke, not from ganja, but from the jerk pan. Sounds about right, right? I thought I was going to shake a leg that night. I was under 18 so them things brought great pleasure.

Well what many won't know is Jamaica is a very religious country. NYE combined with the millenium bug meant dances were empty and church was RAM!!! No disrespect to church, but I was gutted. I really wanted to hear the Bug and Bruk Out riddims in an outdoor dance environment. After church I ended up at my grandma's friends house. Don't even rememember getting there, only remember waking up there.

This was my favourite tune from that trip, when Bounty Killer was the poor people governor. Classic. "Peeeeeople ah deeeadd-uh"

The other favourite of mine was "The Fireman" Capleton. He had the place set a away!!!

Shame I hate "Slew dem ah bare feelings dem a carry" now its become a standard record in top 40 urban club DJs boxes.

I'm going to do my conclusion before you start skimming. 2000 was the last year of freedom in my opinion. We all know what happened in 2001. Life was still fun, TV & Music weren't as boring as they are now, technology was only on the increase not at a point where it dictated our lives. I enjoyed '00. I think I will do next weeks one (and beyond) over a series of days.

First things first; you weren't shit if you never had a face-off (Nokia 5110), Nike Cortez or TNs if you were ballin'. Snakes was the game on the face-off!!!

Common Slang

Striped = robbed
Beanies = girls
Heads = mandem
Shines = fellatio

What made the news? (key events)


Millenium Dome opened.


The ILOVEYOU virus - I kinda remember that. I'm sure it was one of the first kinds of worms which infected emails.

TATE Gallery opened - *shrugs* still haven't been there

Billionth person in India is born - that's literally a lot. I wonder what perks you get for that. If that was here in UK or in US, no doubt TV companies would be throwing all sorts of money for a reality show


France win Euro 2000 in dying minutes - World Cup winners snatched victory from the Italian's in Golden Goal. Wiltord equalised after 4 minutes of stoppage time, Trezeguet stole it 2mins from the end of 1st half in extra time. Top goalscorers were Patrick Kluivert and Savo Milosovic LMAO. Ain't heard them names in a while.

Sarah Payne - I'm sure this was the first of these type of news stories where kids were abducted and murdered for the decade. A few others followed but we'll get to that for the appropratite years. This was a sad story for obvious reasons. In the least sick and twisted way, I enjoyed watching the developments of these cases. I must stress I'm talking about big news stories in general, not the ones where people kids have been murdered.


Windows ME (Millenium Edition) landed - my second PC's operating system was ME. Computer was made by Time (they later went on to RIP pre-credit crunch).

Summer Olympics in Sydney Australia begins - All I rememebr from this are druggie Marion Jones going for 5 gold medals ("won" 4), Maurice Greene most probably won. These were the days of Yank domination so we don't really penny them, do we? Nah didn't think so.


October 30 – This is the final date during which there is no human presence in space; on October 31, Soyuz TM-31 launches, carrying the first resident crew to the International Space Station. The ISS has been continuously crewed since - Didn't know that but it's interesting.


Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraq rejects new U.N. Security Council weapons inspections proposals. Hmmm... I wonder what this will lead to...

November 7 – United States presidential election, 2000: Republican candidate Texas Governor George W. Bush defeats Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the closest election in history, but the final outcome is not known for over a month because of disputed votes in Florida. Not proclaiming to know anything that happens in the future but I bet you he wins a second term and is arguably the worst President in recent history!

Whilst over in south east London on the same day, an attempt to steal a precious diamond known as The Millenium Star which had been "on display" (really it was a replica at the time) at the controversial (at the time) Millenium Dome, is foiled by police surveillance.

27th - Damilola Taylor was fatally stabbed in the leg with a glass bottle aged 10. 2 brothers were later found guilty after 2 trials. I remember the police were slack in that case. Just found out the brothers are set to be paroled next year :/ I can't remember why but I'm sure there was some collection in school (or was it just posters) for him.


Millenium Doors closes it doors for the last time on 31st December. Did we miss it? like hell we did.

Pour out some liquor for (RIPs)

Big Pun - Still the best Puerto Rican rapper there ever was. His flow was incredible

Lolo Ferrari - Them breast, fake as Milli Vanilli, but they were awesome.

Paula Yates - Big Breakfast was a big boy show them times


To this day I feel it produced one of the most diverse and best list of number 1's. I liked nearly every single one and they produced quite a few pop classics. Whether it was R&B, House or straight Pop, it was quality mainsteam music. Some of my house/pop faves:

Following numerous fails, this song kick started Kylie's credible pop star career. I'll be honest, her batty did look alright in the gold hot pants when she did the spin.

Spice Girls linked with man of the times Rodney Jerkins to make an R&B track. Who wants to tell me they never felt this tune

Can't embed

I'm sure they officially split up that year. Mel C topped the charts with this gem. Featured a sick rap from fallen soldierette Left Eye

And I'm sure Mel B went solo. Her tune was a madness!!! Timbo was really the King them times. Mel B got married to that Jimmy Guzzula (ballhead yoot in the video) or whatever his name is. Has he come out as gay yet?

In the Hip Hop world, Eminem released his most critically acclaimed album Marshall Mathers LP which spawned 2 #1s (Real Slim Shady & Stan), Dr. Dre was still high off his 1999 release the chronic 2001 (yes, The Game, 2001 was released in 99). Ja Rule begun his proper push for commercial success with sophomore release Rule 3:36

To this day I still love this song

The 'ardest Hip-Hop record them times was Whoa! - Black Rob

Before Usher's dominance, the singing and dancing R&B man was the former blonde turned platinum coloured haired Sisqo. Did Thong Song not have one of the best R&B videos you ever seen? Club-scene at the end + white contacts + illuminous bikini's + girl with the breast = happy adolescent. This was legal soft porn I could watch without fear of changing the channel when my parents came in (hol' tight those with the cable boxes!!! Channels 25 and 58 yeah? Awwwwwwwlright). Mya's Case of the Ex was one of the only songs she made that I liked

Next had Wifey from Welcome II Nextasy, Jagged Edge had the whole of J. E. Heartbreak were reppin' male R&B groups. TLC still enjoying Fanmail time so they were doing their thing.

Destiny's Child changed their members and scored their first UK #1 (if I'm correct) with the co-produced and co-written by Beyoncé tune Independent Women. This was the beginning of Beyoncé the soloist. I class the album 'Survivor' as recorded by Beyoncé & Destiny's Child.

Latin Pop was popular back then. Still living off his hype from Livin La Vida Loca, one of the most annoying songs in history, Ricky Martin was a big boy star! Enrique Inglsias was about them times too.

But all of that was minor in comparison to my love for Delight 103. Garage was the ting them times.

2000 saw the first number 1 for someone spitting on Garage. Yep you guessed it, that light skin boy who used to get jacked all the time (if the rumours were to be believed_ over a sample from that A&E BBC1 show, Casualty.


Ironically, later on in his career Neutrino shot himself in the leg ('cos he's f**kin crazy like that)!

One of the best pop songs not to reach number 1? I actually said the title in the sentence. Reach by S Club 7


But you know what Xmas was number 1 in 2000?

Booobbbbbb The Builder

Kills all arguements of how good the #1's were that year


The biggest thing to happen to British TV started in year 2000. BIG BROTHER!!! A fresh, innovative idea of sticking 10 housemates together in a house was interesting. Don't ask me how or why but I started watching from the third day. I'm an original Big Bro watcher. The opening tune knocked!!!

Winner was Craig who gave his winnings to his mate who had down syndrome. Nasty Nick can lay claim to making Big Brother what it is today. Without the publicity it received after his cheating, who knows what would have happened next.

Anne Ronbison hosted The Weakest Link was also launched this year.

CSI premiered in US too

Ending that year were a couple of my favourites, The Gladiators, One Foot In The Grave with skengman Victor Mildrew and Boy Meets World (I really mean Topanga).

I used to watch EastEnders them times. Ethel drop out (poor liquor) & Kathy went to South Africa, Di Marco family went onto pastures new (Nikki was wonderful).

Disclaimer: I really could have gone on alllllll day reminiscing about a lot of things but
1. I'm trying to remember 10 years ago
2. There's only so much info I can (be bothered to) find online
3. Look at the length of the post already
4. It's 2000 according to me. I'm not a big film fan, I love music though.


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