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FAO: Casting Directors for Black Male R&B vids

I'm going to start this with a disclaimer: don't get this twisted like this is going to be full of racism. If you read it you will see it is the complete opposite to racist and is merely a question. Is it illegal to cast black females opposite black males? Not only that, are tanned, brunettes the only girls who get casted? I watched this video by McClean, formerly Digga, when the question crossed my mind I like the song, met Digga before and he's a cool guy so this is by no means an attack on the individual. Besides, I'm smart enough to know he had no control in casting. This isn't a blanket complaint because I saw Tincy's new video recently and I can understand the casting of a white girl. It's a dance/euro pop song sampling a song, makes sense So this isn't something across the board. R&B in particualar To further elaborate on the question, why can't there be mixtures of girls with all different shades, not solely depending on brunet

Noughties Appreciation: Year 2001

Click for all the episodes of Noughties Appreciation . Well, this for me was the defining year of the decade. We all know why. Can't even really remember what else happened in 2001. I vow to go on a mission to find out though. Here goes: From what I remember personally, I didn't enjoy year 2001 as much as the previous year - anywhere near it in fact. Maybe down to year 2000 being the year I/we looked forward to for so long, and it was billed as some sort of special year (Y2K, Millenium Bug etc.). It was also the first time I was old enough to remember entering a new decade which gave it some extra sentimental value. Highlight musically would have to be So Solid reaching number 1 in the UK charts without compromising. I mean they were rapping about a variety of things including guns and both using and selling drugs on TOTP(can you believe it? lol). Note to producers: put a catchy melody in the instumental, catchy chorus, catchy delivery of lyrics and you can get away with say

Dancehall/Bashment & Reggae Top 10

I used to do a chart for a magazine. Judging by what I've seen by the new DJ, it isn't quite as up to the times as mine were (it's really old infact). I've also been asked by a couple people what my fave tunes are right now. They are not all new, they are my current faves. 1. Mavado - Fall Rain Fall (Survivor riddim) 2. Merciless - Di Letter (England Town riddim) 3. Queen Ifrica - Officer Nuh Kill Him (Serve and Protect riddim) 4. Ding Dong - Holiday. If you don't like this tune, find a cliff and chuck off 5. Vybz Kartel - Go Go Club (Strip Club riddim) 6. Laden - Never Bow Out 7. Chan Dizzy - Nuh Sell Out 8. Vybz Kartel featuring Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor- Careful 9. G- Whizz - Life (Mood Swing riddim) - I don't care how old it is, this is motivational music right here. 10. Chino - Never Change - once again, I don't care how old it is, this is motivational music right here.

BET Hip Hop Cyphers

Nikki Minaj is just sexy. Guess she can rap, never heard anything apart from this though. Her buzz is extreme, but I'm more interested in Google'in her images if I'm honest. Joe "Bludgeon" Budden killed that!!! The "ohhhhh" added a live dimension to the pre-recorded spittin. His personality is a bit erratic, but his talent in undeniable. Mood Muzik 2 is one of the greatest mixtapes this century (decade). A real rapper who can do everything; introspective tracks (Old School Mouse), storytelling (3 Sides To A Story) to straight up battle tracks (see Saigon and Ransom) and drop punches galore (Dumb Out). Check the interview I did with him earlier this year for the release of album Padded Room Em killed this one!!! Was surprised to see him up there. They don't usually have guys of his stature. Mos Def and (one of the most underrated) Black Thought on this also. Sadly

So This Is 'Black History Month'?

Dear TV programmers, At the beginning of this month many people questioned the relevance of Black History Month in 09; what with Barack Obama being Prezzy and all. Black people are supposedly integrated with English society, we no longer fear random racist attacks on the pavement, the glass ceiling has disappeared in careers etc. Do I subscribe to that? Not completely. That isn't to say it is on levels of the 50s-80s, but there is still a problem. Everything was going swimmingly... actually I say swimmingly, what I really mean was normal TV schedule. Nothing really Black History Month about it, no not even that corny stereotypical figurine chattin' in that taking the wee blackcent on MTV Base said anything (from what I remember; YouTube/WSHH/Blogs > MTV Base in 09). Did they have idents from artists saying what Black History Month means to them this year? Genuine question. Back on track, it was all going swimmingly until BNP leader, friend of nonviolent KKK member (nonvio

Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne & Swizzy - I Can Transform Ya

This tune receives numerous wheels when I'm 'ere!!! Swizz Beats brought tha Monster back out for this one I remember when Swizzy was the King of them powerful NY neck-breakers. This isn't that but it's still a killer track. Weezy F. Baby actully reps himself on this feature. Seems like a rarity that Wayne is featuring on a track (non-YM/Birdman) lol. Remember when he was on everything?! In parts the video reminds me of what Omarion previewed of his new video the other day Why is he flowing like Lil' Wayne? Gucci is that guy! King of Dance is a good shout. I've seen him and Chris perform and thought his was more "OH Sh*t, that was siiiiiick!!!" than Chris Chris Brown's other track Crawl is an ard body ballad! I don't think/know he can't sing this song live. I'm sure it's a session singer singing the chorus. Either way his voice is Autotuned up for tuning purpose as opposed to T-Pain'n. With him an Rihanna both releasi

Heatwave present Funky Bashment

This is the mofo'in shiznitt!!! The refixes are a lot!!! Love the mixture of current songs like Busy Signal's 'Dah Style Deh' right back to Shabba's 'Ting-A-Ling' and Ninja Man over some the hottest funky sounds. Consistant mixing guaranteed to keep your head boppin'. The dub specials range from local talent like Lady Chann and Maxwell D, to Jamaican's Natalie Storm and Tifa. I can't take funky for any longer than about 20mins, it all starts to sound like the previous song. If you like me can't take the monotony of funky but love the hype of bashment - this'll make you feel irie!!! (How corny is the word irie?) Check it out: Salutes

1st UK Model Awards Show

Contrary to what some may believe, I am not a guy to belittle people's aims and dreams or business ventures. Where people get it twisted is because I'm the guy who tells you "Nah blud that's some heeedeyat ting!" I'm no Rev Run, my advice is: If you're gonna do something, do it properly! Ask anyone who I've had meetings with, I will always be the one shutting down foolishness. Not in a big head way. From the flyer, you may think "Why you hating?" but who holds an awards show in Sound nightclub? The clubs called Sound but the PA sound in their is atrocious. And I swear there's only 4 speakers in the whole club? Looks hmm alright, but its some any West End club. Along with Rainforest, back in the days, Sound was the last resort club after you weren't let in the decent ones for rolling with too many man & wearing trainers. You can get in there with scuffed trainers! I would feel over-dressed wearing a pressed shirt and my nice jea

Noughties Appreciation: Year 2000

I love the old days so each Friday I do a little section called FlashBack Friday (click for previous episodes) - as you could most probably tell. Reminiscing always brings a smile to my face, so I hope it does likewise for you. If you didn't know it is 9 weeks 'til Christmas. Come around mad quick alie? I remember last year's New Years Eve like it was yesterday. But more impotantly, in 10 weeks we will have completed the first decade of the 2000's!!! To coincide with this I will try my hardest to turn back time and give you those years as I remember them in a section I've dubbed Noughties Appreciation . I'm not going to make out like it's only my brain, to give a full perspective I have done a bit of research. Naturally, we will start with 2000. I remember this day like it was yesterday. Location: Jamaica. Most of the non-Jamaicans/ "Jamaicans" (you know the ones who claim but never been) will be surprised by what I did on NYE, the real Jamaican

BNP on the BBC

So there's a lot of controversy concerning the appearance of racist/fascist/"nationalist" extreme right-wing BNP leader Nick Griffin appearing on fully skenged off show Question Time. Ok, more than a lot of controversy; this has been on the news for tiiiiiiiiiime (couple weeks equates to tiiiime), protesters outside the BBC building and all sorts. There's ag' in the village! First things first, we need to get the formalities out of the way: Nick Griffin's face reminds me of that arcade you and your mandem - and sometimes random mandem join in - where you test how hard you can punch. I've found the run up and SMASH!!! works best for me. I don't condone violence, I'm just saying he has one of them faces. Did I lie? (the gunge on his shoulder is egg) The BNP are nothing more than professional racists. I respect them for that (in a sense), because unlike many other people they are slightly more blatant with it even though they try to deny it (w

Perempay & Dee feat Shola Ama interview

26th October sees the release of UK Funky producers Perempay and Dee club-banger 'DJ Play' which features the distinct vocals of multi-platinum selling, two-time Brit Award winning R&B songstress Shola Ama. Marvin Sparks caught up with all 3 to discuss moving from grime to UK funky, their split opinion on MC's making UK funky, whilst Shola tells us where she has been and describes the change in the music industry. Marvin Sparks: Who are Perempay and Dee and how did you unite? Perempay: Perempay and Dee are a duo of producers. I met DaVinche [Dee] a long time ago being friends and been around the studio, and we came together to make some tunes. Marvin Sparks: You were both in the grime scene but under different names; Bossman [Perempay] and DaVinche [Dee]. Why did you both change your names? Perempay: Different music, different time. Dee: We’re doing something new in a new genre with new people, without having the old stigma/things attached to it. Perempay: It’s

I Heard Rihanna Dropped A New Single

... but I haven't heard it. Not really my thing more time, so I'll hear it in due course. What I did see was the artwork and pics behind the scenes of the video. Let's join together and salivate. Ladies too 'cos lesbian-est we all like a bit of Rihanna Man she is so hot. Them leaked pics didn't do anything bad for her at all. Definitely one of the sexiest women in entertainment. Haven't heard her open her mouth to talk in a while so she's still high up in the ranks. Her singing isn't all that, but I don't listen to her songs.

WTF?! Please Say That Is NOT Beyonce

I spotted this over at the gorgeous Max from 1Xtra's blog . Actually, I'm gonna tell you a little story - the creative side of my brain has kidnapped my fingers. Now, when you see the inspiration, I know you are going to think "All of that for this?" but what can I say? My brain is running. After No x4 as part of the original Destiny's Child and the 2nd song with JD I've been a fan of Beyoncé. Thought she was the sexiest thing alive, plus her name was on a next ting. Imagined her being my girlfriend, tore out pics from magazines etc. all the things we do as kids. I must admit once upon a time, I remember it vividly, it was around the time she was about to release the second album BDay, I never thought she was all that. Media hype turned me off her like media help me dislike certain national football teams/football players. Her peak, for me, was around the time of Goldmember. My gawd she looked mad healthy. Let's all adore *just manages to close mout

Tune of the Day - Chan Dizzy - Nuh Sell Out

Don't usually do this but I'll make an exception for this tune. The way I've listened to this more than 8 times in the hour. Big tune! Recently I've been on a conscious medz when it comes to Dancehall/Bashment. I'm gonna do a top 10 'cos people ask me a lot, my medz will be reflected in that. Came across this tune today by my newly-crowned favourite camp Head Concussion's protege Chan Dizzy. Russian and Brixton from Head Concussion are doing a lot right now. Their riddims aren't the most traditional dancehall sounding, many would say they lean a lot towards Hip Hop which is true in a sense, but do they sound like beats you hear rappers on? I prefer to say there are elements of Hip hop but it's a variation of dancehall and adds to the versatility of the genre. Either way the riddims are hard and they still have a bass line. Even though I'm not hot on the name, Chan Dizzy has a big tune on his hands!!! Heartfelt, uplifting ghetto-youth bars

Levi Roots Interview x Black History Month

For Black History Month last year I wanted to forget about worshipping black icons of the past and chose to focus on current. No disrespect to them, but people always complain there aren't enough about black role models about nowadays, so I thought I'd appreciate current one. I went on a mission to find a black person who is doing something positive for themselves. Instead of an obscure politician or financial investment banker no one really knows, I thought I'd keep it contemporary, going with comedian and businessman Kojo. Everyone sees him as just a comedian but either don't realise or forget that he is more than that and has achieved a lot, namely his 5 years and (started) counting (again the other day) Comedy Club in West End's Corks Wine Bar. Hate or love him personally or his jokes, one thing is undeniable; the man is doing a lot for himself and the whole urban comedy circuit FULL STOP! He has given a platform to most of our favourite comedians directly or