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Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor's Fitness riddim

Produced by Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor, this is sure to be one of the elite riddims for Summer 09. I feel he made mistake last year by releasing Day Rave too late for ATI/RTI. Should still be fresh for then! As many fans of the young hitmaker will know, there is usually a thought process behind naming his riddims. This is called the Fitness and sounds similar to the Work Out from last year which featured Mavado's 'Inna Di Car Back' amongst others. Geddit? Both futuristic dancehall (I think that's what they call it) merging dancehall artists with dance/housey 4x4 music. I wonder if Sean Paul will have a piece for his album. If I were him this would have been the canvas for my first single. Features pieces from Mavado, Beenie Man, Vybz Cartel, Elephant Man and many more but my pick is Aidonia. Most probably won't ring off in UK 'cos people seem to be slow on Aidonia and usually judge songs more on the name of artist than quality of song. Yes, 100 St

Michael Jackson: My Rant

Right, I have a few things playing on my mind, so this will be the vehicle to vent/express. If you are offended by typo's and grammatical errors, this post isn't for you. It wouldn't be a rant if I went through and corrected. This is the raw version, not fit for airplay First off, the news coverage by both BBC and Sky News has been nothing short of disgraceful. The greatest entertainer in history has just died yet all they want to do is focus on the negatives. I woke up this morning confused, wondering if another set of money-grabbing parents forced their brat to come forward with lies accusing Michael of touching him. The focus is more or less on child abuse charges, his face and other pointless hatin. The ITV documentary was the best thing on telly all night. Gave a nice reflection of Michael, focused mainly on his achievements, impact and put what I consider a true story behind his eccentricities. Think it was a program they had already made to air when MJ was schedule

RIP Michael Jackson

I had a whole blog for Throwback Thursdays but due to the news, I am going to throwback some Michael Jackson classics. RIP the greatest Entertainer there will ever be. You will never be ecplipsed, hopefully now those who casted those evil words about him will treat and respect him as the great he really is. It was just the other day I was rollin back the years doing the leaning forward bit on Smooth Criminal and parts of the Thriller video. If you never practiced Jacko's moves when you were younger you never lived. Some of my faves (out of the ones I can embed). Special shouts to Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana, Wanna Be Startin Something, Bad, Liberian Girl... the list really is endless The most ufcked up thing is I refunded my ticket to his concert at the o2 yesterday because they moved my show until March. Luckily enough I saw him at World Music Awards in 06 and I'll treasure that forever. RIP THE legend. Only Muhammed Ali can talk to you

Shunda Parl - So Fine [video]

See usually I don't do this (blog bait videos you will see at every other blog stop you do today), but erm... First single off his album Imperial Blaze released August 18th (if I recall correctly). This ya one name So Fine, produced by Di Genius aka Stephen McGregor I had the pleasure of attending his exclusive invite-only album listening BBQ @ Atlantic compound. Album is different to what I expected. Worked with some of the biggest Dancehall producers such as Leftside (aka Mr. Evil. You know from the tune Tuck In Ya Belly?), Don Carleon, Arif Cooper and others including a self-produced song and one by his brother. Must admit, there is a lack of bass and unlike his previous efforts it doesn't reflect what's going on in the Dancehall scene right now. We all know Sean for jumping on the hottest riddims at the time later than the original pack, instrumental tweaked to distinguish from the rest (Diwali and Steps being best examples of tweaked ones) or riddims that will bus

Jammer "The Mukle Man" vs Lethal "Pow, Pow" Bizzle

Ding ding!!! This beef is actually quite funny. Two Grime og'z different end of the spectrum making full use of technology to get at each other. Haven't seen a strictly trash talking visual beef in the UK for a while (can't remember the last time) and to me, this beef is realer than the two from the same crew (Wiley and Skepta). Take note of 0:43 seconds (which sounds like and indirect to me) and BBK line from 1:48 Anyway, Jammer responded via key to the streets roads GrimeDaily Lol must say I was entertained. "They throw piss at you", "if my son sees it on YouTube I'm gonna have to beat you up" etc. are good quotables Mr. Pow responded with this: No disrespect but I'm sure many will hope this stays on video... Here's Bizzle and the Big Dawg talking about the "throwing piss" incident Currently lol'n @ this PALMERSGREENDON (11 hours ago) Show Hide Stop hating on westwood, hes done alot for the grime scene. I

Busta Rhymes feat Mavado and Bounty Killer - Kill Dem remix

Busta hooking up with Alliance father and son Busta = blergh but thanks for showing appreciation to Dancehall and shining a light on real talent Mavado = what the hell are you playing at? Don't know why this guy always feels to play the prat and lace his verses with f words when doing these Hip Hop collabs. People like you for who you are, don't dumb down to hit the market Killer = The General. Best I've heard Killer since "Nutt'n nuh change wid di Killer yes a mi same one" and his tune on Final Warning riddim 'Dem Nuh Bad' I remember when Neptunes were the shit...

Seff feat Swiss - Need a Hero

Feelin this tune. Got a nice vibe and ting to it. Good to see King Mega still deh bout! Hol's tite chica like DJ Ess Dot getting her cameo game on strong throwing up the 'M' for Marvin and ting and ting (nuff luv f4 dat bbz xxxx). Not sure about Swiss' Autotune drenched, Weezy F. flow but all is forgiven cos he made 'Cry'.

From Pecknarm to Pum Pum Shorts

I SMH'd (shook my head) with what I can only describe as disgust (the word I want to use hasn't been created yet) thinking to myself "What's happened here Rio?" . Not only because he is a Manchester United player a.k.a. the best team in the world, but he's from ends and should know better. Anyway, see the picture yasso: I 'llowed Cristiano Ronaldo when he wore them kind of garments due to him not being from here and me accepting that's most probably acceptable behaviour in other cultures. In conclusion: Catch me rocking this autumn/winter 2010!!!

Guess The Sample

I love hearing songs where popular samples/interplotations come from, so this may be another idea I play with. Going to do it in reverse order because it's kind of bait when you hear the original. So guess the original, I guess lol What do you get when you put Biggie's 'One More Chance'. Couldn't get the vid so I chose a live performance. Haven't seen many live performances by Big. Taken from the infamous Source Awards "I hear the east coast not feelin Snoop Dogg", "If you don't want people dancing all in your videos... come to Death Row Biggie was no performer lol p.s. Lol @ Styles holding up the plaque @ 1:26 And Ashanti's jump off single 'Foolish' . Don't worry I won't subject you to a live performance by her Together with Mariah Carey - Loving You Long Time. Single shouldn't have failed man. Had all the elements to save what turned out to be a poor, poor album. You get this! Won't front at all,

When Wrestling was the Sh*t! pt. 1

I think I may make a habit of these throwback threads. Everyone loves to reminisce. We'll see. For now, we'll call it 'Throwback Thursdays' To today's topic; Wrestling; WWF to be precise (today). Yes, oiled up men in tights who weren't really fighting (it's closer to synchronised dancing than fighting). Any 80s baby-90s kid who claims they never liked it never had a childhood. Let's face it, you must have been washing dishes by 8 years-old, ironing the households clothes by 10 years-old and in your bed by 9pm on weekends until 17. Sorry your childhood was so shit. I'll try to dedicate one to you early birds in the next few weeks (I have one in mind). This post is for all the real mandem and gyaldem/ all-a my famdem who used to watch Raw is War on a Friday night, maybe caught that par of a show Superstars on Saturday (Gorrila Monsoon was the commentator on that, no?) and Heat on a Sunday (if my dad ever took me to that I would suplexed him. Some

Mavado changed by money?

For those who don't know, Foota Hype hails from Casava Piece, the same gully where Mavado bigs up. He's also the DJ who introduced Mavado to Bounty Killer prior to him getting his big break with Real McKoy. Says the Gully Gad has changed with his ego being the main problem. Well, we all know what happens to people's career/standard of music when this happens. Not to mention the back room staff at the Alliance being a certain way as reported in quite a few places, what holds for the future if the real people aren't around? Can't be surrounded by 'yes men' cos you'll get gassed. Foota Hype Parts Way With Mavado from 876radio on Vimeo . Lol @ the kid trying get some camera time

The Streets & Giggs - Slow Songs

Slippin again. Was meant to blog this couple weeks back after Mike Skinner debuted it on Mistajam's show when he took over. Tune is emotional. One of the unlikliest of pairings you will ever hear. Who would have thought Giggs would not only still have it but he's learnt his trade and improved IMO. Think its for Dubplate Drama or some shit. Either way big tune

Lloyd Banks classic 'Victory freestyle'

This freestyle officially sold Lloyd Banks to me. He can never reach these dizzy heights again, but damn, they were up there in the nose bleeds. Mazy flow, each metaphor brings a "oooooooh" from the list of too many quotables. Would pay to see him perform this on repeat! And these were back in the days when beat jacking was regular so it was harder to stand out. I don't care, for all the quotables the original had, he bettered Biggie's verse "Shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker" "I know the watch bothering ya vision, the reason I put a dot on your head like it's part of your religion" "Niggas rather hate you or love you when you disappear, catch me on a boat with weed smoke and fishing gear. Heavy when I toke with C notes from different years..." Disgusting flow

Westwood = Legend

Funniest interview since the one with Ironik. disrespect. Bow down and kiss the ring Lol @ bareface calling the Chris Brown situation "the beat down" Lol @ offering to take her to Primark Lol @ "the troops will be home before 50 drops his album" Can't get over how plastic she is though. Proper losing some of that sex appeal simply from the way she speaks Doesn't deserve the hate he gets. People who hate him either listened to him religiously when they were getting into Hip Hop or Napster onwards gen just showing complete. BOW DOWN AND KISS THE RING

Jeremih covers Ribbon In The Sky

The 'Birthday Sex' dude covers a Stevie Wonder record whilst playing the piano. Brave move, sounds alright stiyull. Got the feelin this dudes gonna be quite an R'n'B star but there's something missing. Need to hear what the uptempo stuff's saying or he'll just be another J. Holiday who sadly failed to follow-up the success of both the first album and the smash 'Bed'.

Young Money - Every Girl

Criminally slept on this - don't ask why. Feelin it though. Videos mad funky as well. Drake > Lil Wayne on this once again. I remember back when Carter II dropped, before all the hype, during the time no one knew what was good (great times), Lil Wayne was that guy. Still hot, but Drake betters him on this. I remember when people kept telling me Jae Millz was gonna bust circa Bad Boys first Making The Band series (remember him battling E. Ness?). Never believed it then, don't believe it now. Top spitter though

Pull Up Dat Big Dutty Stinkin

Was meant to blog about this tune from tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. First heard this at Princess Nyah's 'Frontline' release party. Ill Blu, the producer, dropped it during his set. Jammer was pullin off his lean back-esque skank (will have seen it in Boy Better Know's 'Too Many Man' vid. Yes, he really pulls that skank in real life). He llowed it shortly afterwards, resorting to just holding his forehead with his other hand placed on the DJ booth. Was like he couldn't take it anymore then plead for the DJ to "Pull It". During this time, I took a break from networking and watching gal to ask Ill Blu the name of the tune. I was much more reserved opting for the "Ergh, what's that smell" look. You've may have heard it before but, damn it's taken long to blow. The party was in February. Swear Shystie said she filmed the vid for this one the other day but the music was a bit loud. I know she did one for the original (this is the remix). An

"You The Fkcuing Best!"

Alongside Jeremih's Birthday Sex, this has been on constant rotation for the whole of May. Definite summer jam. I'll admit I slept heavily as far as Drake is concerned. Mainly due to not feeling anyone else who had stupid buzz. Shame really cos he's by far the best of the pack. Lucky thing is I wasn't too far behind on the buzz of this record, seems I was just in time. Hit goes without saying. Videos being shot so expect this to crossover into one of the biggest urban records of the year. For as good as he is, really and truly he is a Lil' Wayne mach II. Autotuned up, same flow, similar metaphors - "Sex Love Pain baby, I be on that Tank shit. Buzz so big I could prolly sell a blank disc... She call me the referee cos I be so official, my shirt aint got no stripes but I can make your p***y whistle" are straight Weezy F mixtape material. Won't even take the Michael by saying next to blow [pause]. You already knows this. Girls love him, mandem secret